Mavic 2 Pro flight - Lymington

Had an appointment at Lymington Hospital today so I took the opportunity to send the M2P up as it was such a lovely day. It’s far from a cinematic work of art but I enjoyed myself and to me that counts for a lot…for now anyway!

Video link below:-


Nice video!

Where abouts did you take off from?

I took this down there earlier in the year …


Hi, thanks. I had a bit of trouble getting the right balance of frame rate and shutter speed because of the bright sun which left some of the video a bit juddery in places which was disappointing but I will invest in some ND filters soon.

I took off from a gravel pathway a bit further on from the car park.

A good location. //makes a note// :+1: :wink:

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Excellent. I really do need to start experimenting and getting out more to improve my knowledge and experience. I have flown the M2P 3 times in the past couple of weeks since it arrived which is more than I flew my MPro in the previous 6 months! I am very pleased with it so far, I really do need to get to grips with getting the right camera settings for the best possible images/video though.

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I’ve yet to see an M2P in the flesh.

I’m based near Soton airport. Wouldn’t mind meeting up some time … if you were interested?

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Dave has almost fallen for the M2P people, a meeting will confirm this I’m thinking :thinking: :laughing:

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Can’t have what I can’t afford. :confused:

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We all say that, you won’t be eating for the next six months that’s all :smiley:


The difference is … I mean it.

Absolutely. More than happy to do that. I’ll reply directly to your email. :grinning:

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Or PM, if you want.

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Ah!, once he gets his hands on it, he’ll change his tune !!


Hope you don’t mind me asking what did you use to edit the video
only because it looks a little jerky as you fly over the boats close up at the beginning

This might be a clue …

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Hi. I use FCP X but as Dave mentions from my earlier post, I think it may have been an issue with frame rate and shutter speed. I was desperately trying to get the right settings but had to take the shutter speed up well over 2x the frame rate because any slower would have let way too much light in. I was already struggling with parts of the image being off the scale with the sky being completely blown out and even with a sunhood on the controller, it was difficult to see the video feed clearly. I will definitely invest in some ND filters to help slow down the shutter speed on those brighter days.

Thanks Chris
just wondered what you recorded it in 4k-2.7-1080 was it a writing to memory card
but isn’t it fun this hobby we have…

Even with a fast shutter you shouldn’t really get stutter or jerkiness.

Making your shutter double the frame rate smooths out any fast motion with a slight blur.

Interested to see whether the uncut footage had the same effect?

Hi, shot in 4K. It was to an SD card but I did notice the other evening that I had a message in the Go4 app that said ‘slow memory card’. I have ordered a faster 64Gb card from Amazon (£21.99) that reads up to 160MB/S and writes up to 90MB/S so hopefully that will help.

Yes indeed, a great but expensive hobby…ordered a few extra accessories including the DJI ND filters!

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