Mavic 2 Pro flymore combo

I’ve decided to sell my M2P fly more combo, I’m away working at the moment so I can’t provide any pictures untill I return(about ten days) basically comprises of M2P flymore with smart controller, some freewell variable filters(unused) and a MC cases backpack to put it in one of those foldaway landing circles and an anemometer, I think thats it.

Oh! and you’ll have to collect it, on the plus side you will be able to fly it in about 20 acres




Well, after taking a deposit the chap has decided (or been told) he can’t afford it due to a change in circumstances, so it’s back up for sale :roll_eyes:

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Keep it on here,i’m sure someone will give it a good home! At least here you should be safe ,as are a decent bunch of PROPER droners… :+1: :+1: :+1: are you giving up flying? shame if you are…

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Thanks Mr spike

Yeah, I’m only selling because I’m fed up with charging the batteries then something comes up and it doesn’t get flown, I think it’s been flown for about 3-4 hours, if that, I’m toying with the idea of a small get together at mine, when we are allowed to move around. We’ll see


Where you based Philw ?

Miles away in Carmarthenshire :roll_eyes:. I’ll update my profile, I thought it said.

No I won’t, I don’t know how to :unamused:

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I don’t have the location box under preferences, also I don’t have an edit button for my subject titles.

Found it :roll_eyes:

lol yes 4 1/2 hours away

Hi, is this still available?

Yes at the moment it’s still available, only because no one is allowed here to see it :roll_eyes:

Pm sent

Hi, don’t know if I did the pm thing properly but I’d be really interested in this if we could arrange something

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PM replied to, grass cutting is taking up all my time :roll_eyes: