Mavic 2 Pro + Flymore pack - [SOLD!]

Hardly used, reluctant sale. Still have all the boxes and all the bits that the M2P comes with - most of them still in the original packing.
Around 10 months old approx and must have used it for a couple of hours in total since I got it. Also has a couple of months of Care Refresh to go. This transferrable to the new owner.
Looking for sensible offers from any interested members before sticking it on FleaBay. I MAY be interested in some sort of p/ex with a Mavic 1 or Air - kids are whining that they want a drone and there’s no way they’re getting their paws on the M2P!!
Anyway, offers if you’re interested please.

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I’m a new member and don’t really know the cost of second hand stuff yet. Have you got a buy it now price??

I didn’t read your post carefully enough - sorry. thought you just had the Flymore Pack. Not in the market for the main beast yet. Hope you sell it for an acceptable price

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No worries Alphi!

How do Homer.

I have a Mavic Air fly more and have been considering upgrading to a M2P.

Maybe drop me a PM and hopefully we can sort something?

Go for it Tim! ,You won’t regret it.

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Im interested :slight_smile: either in the MP or the Mavic Air :slight_smile:

Errrr okey dokie. You know that it’s a Mavic 2 pro that I’m selling, right?!

Read the post!

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Hehe, the smile icons are not showing up on my phone so I missed it but I’m still not sure if it was a statement or a question!

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Ya right, too.much for me. Like u im not sure how much ill use it.

Curiosity how much are u selling it for?

Hi, I might be interested at a reasonable price, what are you wanting for it? You can message me if I’m not too late already.

Hi. I have a Mavic Air flymore (the drone and battery have just been replaced new on insurance so only 1 flight)
If you are still selling can you PM me ?




Awh. That’s a shame. Hope the new owner enjoys :+1::+1::+1:

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