Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom?


We had some threads on this when first launched, but now we have quite a few members owning either Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom (or maybe both) I have a question on which one to buy?

Originally, I was fixed on the Mavic 2 Pro as I wanted that larger sensor as still photography was my main use. However, now I am booked to do my PfCO and thinking about commercial opportunities, I am wondering about the benefit of having the x2 optical zoom option.

For those that own the Mavic 2 Pro, do you feel that the larger sensor provides good quality images when you crop to 50% or more?

For those that own the Mavic 2 Zoom, are there any other advantages other than zoom?

It would be interesting to know is anyone bought one type and wishes they had bought a different version? I know it is possible to swap, but I wish DJI would enable easily changeable cameras - but as they don’t …


I own the M2P. The main benefit of the pro I’d say is the dynamic range and low light performance.

Personally I think the zoom gives a sharper image, especially in video but this may be down to sharpening applied in camera.

I’m happy with the pro but sometimes envious when people post video from the zoom.

Cropping at 50% is acceptable but not quite near 2x on zoom.

The pro also has 2 modes for video, HQ and full FOV. HQ mode crops the 5.2k image to the centre 4k giving a narrower FOV and closer view than your probably used to.

High contrast scenes is where the pro really shines and you will definately notice the difference.

It’s a tough decision but I’m happy with my choice.


Have to agree with Callum, I bought the M2P because of the Hasselblad
To be honest I have only flown it 3 times so far, due too crap weather.
But I am most impressed with the results I have had so far.
I also think that I may buy the Zoom Camera as an add on later when they become more readily available.
But, that is just a thought at present
Either way you will get a superb drone, flys like a dream !.
Like Callum, I bought mine because of its low light capabilities.
I will post some stills and video over the weekend, when I get the chance.


Hi @BrianB

I too agonised over this choice before I plumped for M2P. I saw a lot of YouTube reviews where the guy said he now uses the zoom more than the pro, but then plenty of others saying the images where bettter from the pro! End of the day it’ll come down to what you wanna use it for.

Personally I decided better camera was for me, and if I want things close up I’ll just fly closer :wink:

I’ve never regretted the pro it’s totally awesome! But I’d love to try it beside a zoom.


Morning @BrianB

Youve got THAT choice to make eh? :scream:

Well I hope you’ve watched a minumum 50 YT reviews! lol

It is quite a toughie this in a way. Im gobsmacked that DJI (well im not tbh typical DJI) didnt make the gimbals swappable. Can you imagine that? What a product theyd have on their hands if they did. Such a shame, but hey ho, still leaves a decision for you to make.:thinking:

After much watching and reading I opted for the M2P too. Much as the chaps have said above tbh.

I was looking at getting my first drone and wanted to combine it with getting into photography too. Nearly went with the Air over the Mavic Pro last year because of its newer features but then rumours of a Mavic 2 broke with a better 1" sensor so sat tight. Watched the release and then a squillion reviews and went with the M2P. Purely down to the new Hasselblad camera and the extras that came with that hardware.

Its hard to compare images from other drones as this is my first camera with wings but both the vids and the stills (when I’ve got the camera settings right!) look amazing!

I’ve certainly not regretted the choice but i guess its what your use for the drone will be that will ultimately decide it.

Good luck :grinning::+1:


Whilst they don’t market this, in fact swapping them is very easy.
Everything other than the gimbal/camera module is identical.
Search on YT … several videos showing you how within weeks of their release, so doubtless many more by now.


Yes Ive watched a couple of them and it looks fairly simple, good to know that it can be done but it’d be even better if I had the Zoom lens in the bag where I could simply swap out each lens on a whim. Perhaps the Mavic 3? :stuck_out_tongue:


4 screws and 2 cable connectors (IIRC). Something I’d do in the back of the car.
I’d not want anything falling off in flight. so I wouldn’t be happy with less than 2 screws, and the cable connectors are rather inevitable (though I’m sure these could be included in the gimbal mount and its seat in the Mavic body).
So - close to perfect.

There are no interchangeable lenses for any camera with sensors this small.

And when you get to cameras that do have interchangeable lenses, the centre of mass is never the same - so loads of gimbal balance adjustments have to be made.
Something that the strength of these light-weight units just couldn’t handle.


You see them 4 screws and 2 cable connectors would definitely be a 5 hour operation for me plus a definite send back to DJI for repair / restore! :rofl::joy:

But still whether its the gimbal / camera or full camera gimbal swap out it could definitely be made easier to swap out officially I mean.

However, that it can be done as easily as you describe is a great thing! . I did watch a vid where the guy had swapped them over and was waiting for them startup expecting issues but there were none, each drone simply behaved as if nothing had happened with the M2Z controller even showing the Zoom feature on the interface where previously it was used for the M2P.

Food for thought anyway :+1:


Well as a M2zoom user I thought I’d throw in my 2 pennies. Like pretty much everyone else I watched countless videos and in the end made the decision to go for the cheaper of the two options - not because of the price but simply because as a video shooter I could not see evidence of a better moving image from the pro - that said I do feel than even 4K uploads suffer a loss of quality on YouTube so how representative of true picture quality these are has left a question mark in my mind. As a keen photograph I absolutely get the advantages in terms of low light and lower noise both for videos and still offered by the mp2. However, I only fly during the day so the low light is of little value to me and as mentioned above I can see no improvement in video quality.

So looking at the advantages of the zoom

  1. It’s cheaper
  2. It’s got 2 x optical zoom or 4 x if you shoot in 1080p ( that’s 2 x optical and 2 x digital extraction of the 4K Image and this is Zoom I.e. continuous variable focal range and not a selection of one of 2 set focal ranges as offered by the m2p
  3. The dolly zoom - yes you can do this post edit on any drone ( and I have with my mavic Air! ) but it’s so much easier when it’s built in and also you review the footage whilst on a location and reshoot until you are happy with the result - have a look at my Red street monument footage to see an example of this
  4. Hi res photo mode - this is the feature no one mentions - it’s takes fantastic high res pics by stitching together a mosaic of images - does the low light and contrast compete with the m2p in a word NO but it’s still bloody good
  5. Filters are cheaper - the smaller lens diameter ( and possibly the lack of the word pro in the title ) mean you can pick up your standard glass including the graduated variety for rather less cash
  6. Nice depth of field effects when zoomed in, yes you could use the cropped m2p for similar result - from memory I think the pro is 40 mm eqvilant versus the zoom 48mm or a whopping 96mm if you shoot in 1080p

Having said all the above I have not used a m2p ( I wish I knew someone local who had it to demo ) and please the many - majority? - m2p owners on here I ain’t knocking your choice even a little bit in fact the biggest complement I can pay you is to say I am thinks of selling me mavic Air and buying the gimbal lens to add to me flying pleasure - but for me if I could have only one it would be the m2z. I think …

good luck with your decision and happy flying


anyone with a Zoom fancy it?


Thanks to everyone for your fantastic and detailed replies, and especially Ian for ensuring the Zoom owners are so eloquently represented.

Yes, I am have gone through many videos on YT, and actually found a couple of good ones… it tesponses from users here are invaluable

This will be a very valuable thread for any one with the dilemma, and hopefully other views still to come


Just looked but interesting showing as item out of stock!


Have not found a Zoom one… yet!


Whichever one you choose, Jessops have a pretty good deal on just now. Pay a 10% deposit, and the rest is interest free if you pay the balance within twelve months +£29 fee. If you don’t, it’s a chunky APR.

Persuaded me to jump on a MP2 :blush::+1:


On the youtube theme, I found this video on the M2Pro that I found a little different to the usual but very helpful, once you get past the beard!


I’d echo all that @ian.faulkner said about the Zoom with the addition of one thing that isn’t often mentioned: the x2 (or x4) zoom enables you to stay further away from your subject(s) so you’re not disturbing them :bulb:


interesting vid that! Like th guys jip and even the beard! :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

He’s got a good series of videos re droning and photography. I have subscribed!


Me too and the other person he recommends, The Film Poets, has some good sensible videos and resources to for the Mavic 2 Pro


Will check definitely give them a watch too :slight_smile: :+1: Cheers @BrianB