Mavic 2 Pro Phone Lead


Anyone know where i can get in the UK ,a Micro USB to USB C short lead that goes from the Mavic 2 Pro controller to my Sony Phone?.
I need the correct short lead that is the right one, not a long version.
I know DJI do one, but, i want to find one in the UK , not send to frigging China for it !

Getting pissed off with have to use a convertor !!.


Afaik … the DJI controller cables are NOT standard Micro USB … you need a DJI one if you are using the side port.

Different cross-section to standard - not the trapezoidal shape, but rectangular … hence the rectangular socket that creates poor alignment for charge cable.



Thanks Dave, will get one ordered, thanks for you time to look, never thought of Hobby Mounts !


End on view - not standard Micro USB …


Several people have been caught out by this !.
this is why they are ballsing up their remotes connectors !!


People don’t look first. Simple. Never been an issue.

Anyway - my Mavic came with Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning cables … should have all three?


why the hell did not DJI keep to a standard connector, feckin’ muppets !


there’s a point must look !!


Your right Dave!, its in my Mavic pro kit !!
Why the hell is it not in the Mavic 2 Pro kit ?


I’d have thought it would be - you don’t specify which type you need when you order the M2P … and they’re not going to have a load of pissed-off people that have USB-C devices that then have to order the right cable.


Just checked M2P, not n the kit that comes with it.
Just 2 leads Apple and Micro USB


I can’t believe that everyone who buys the M2 and who has a modern Android with USB-C … then has to order a lead.


Just going to check the “what in the box” literature just out of curio.


Barsteds ! it should be there, but it def is not !!


I found the lightning one when I was tidying - must have dropped it when I got everything out of the box. Luckily I didn’t need it.


Yup, just double checked, not in any of the boxes.
Just emailed DJI Customer support, we;ll see what happens.
PS, also found one in the Air Combo


Did you receive a response Chris?
I just noticed that I have the long, flat USB C cable missing, have looked on DJI store, I can’t see it available to purchase.
Presumably just a standard USB to USB C???
I bought used, so my mistake for not checking.


Nope. It’s not. Needs to be genuine if using the RC’s side micro connector port.

The link to buy from Hobbymounts is several posts up. £8


I found a suitable cable in my Mavic Air kit, as Rich has said above they are available from Hobbymounts.