Mavic 2 Pro propellers

Am I being dim? The only propellers I can find on the DJI site are these;

Surely I need 2 pairs, but different directions?

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That pack contains one of each :blush:

If you want to replace all four props, you’ll need two of those packs.

It’s not a great photo, but one prop has a white ring on it, the other does not:


Ah, thanks. It isn’t clear on the product description, but there was a huge bit of me that was sure DJI must have thought of this!

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By the time they add a bit of shipping on I’ll probably be up to the price of the orange Master Air Screw props. Not sure how much that’ll improve visibility but may be worth a try

Check some of the UK stockists - HobbyMounts, Helliguy, etc. - for prices, delivery, availability, too.
Sometimes no more expensive and often quicker to arrive … COVID permitting.

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