Mavic 2 Pro. Stupid radar display thingy


Not sure how to describe this but I’m talking about that round display on te bottom left that looks like a radar.

When I’m standing right behind my drone and take off, the aircraft icon seems to be right in front of me but the further I go, the more wrong it is.
It starts off fine but if I fly in a straight line away from where I’m standing, the arrow in the radar will eventually be at the 9 oclock position even though I know that the drone is straight ahead at the 12 oclock position.
This leads to the situation where I eventually have no idea which direction the drone is coming back from - frequently I’m expecting it from one direction (using the display) and the bl**dy thing is sneaking up on me from somewhere else! This happens only with my Android phone.

If I use my iPhone, everything is where it’s supposed to be. If the icon is in front of me, thats where the drone’s coming from or heading to.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?



I’ve never understood what mine was telling me - it literally has a mind of it’s own.

I simply ignore it now :+1:t2:



It uses the compass in your device to show where the aircraft is relative to it.

Your phone compass is probably not reading correctly. Happens all the time.

Is your compass accurate in other apps like maps?

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Ok reading the post is it on another device your having the issue not the iPhone…?



I don’t use the android phone for anything else!
The position on the map seems fine but the phone seems to be confused / not accurate about which direction it’s pointing in when using the DJI app.
Can android phones be calibrated somehow?



Do you have a compass app on the phone to check the phone’s compass?

I had one phone that had a totally crap compass … it would spin when the phone was sat on the table.



No, I’m going to get one and recalibrate the compass. Just saw how on YouTube, looks pretty easy!
Will keep you guys updated, may help someone else with the same issues eventually…



My compass just couldn’t be recalibrated. The rest of the phone was brilliant, and it remains my drone-phone.
I just never use that radar thingy. :wink:



Sorry if you have already seen this but I found this video useful.



I use mine now and again to get an idea of what the wind is like up high just hover and the drone will pitch into the wind and to can see it on the display



Calibration has made no difference. I’m wondering if this is an android problem with GO4 rather than my specific phone. Is anyone else having this issue using an android phone?



It works as it should with my Android phone-phone rather than my drone-phone.



I was going to refer you to the same vid that Brian B did.
Its not brilliantly simple to explain or understand…
But I find the red AC triangle really useful…yaw to point to Home and Home it comes.
The attitude horizon is useful too
I think what confuses if you havent got a “signal”, then the N indicator doesnt read correctly and that is distracting and misleading
I also “discovered” a green bar that runs around the circumference and after a bit of head scratching figured to was the gimbal angle relative to straight ahead…unless Im wrong…?
All part of the learning curve for us all

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I’ve seen that vid before but there appears to be a fundamental difference in the way my drone-only android phone works when compared to my iPhone X.

The video makes perfect sense when you refer to the iPhone behaviour but my android ‘radar’ behaves in a totally different way and nothing like the YouTube vid or my iPhone.
I might just stick a SIM card in it and drive around for a bit and see what it does. I remember a few years ago having a Galaxy S6 Edge that never pointed in the driving direction - it always managed to point to the 10 o’clock position when driving straight ahead. Something like that could be responsible for this behaviour, I guess.



I think the map always orientates north to the top of its screen. It’s like reading a map. It’s not displaying reletive to your actual orientation; it’s always showing north to the top… I can’t remember if there’s an icon you can tap to toggle between ‘North to the Top’ view and ‘my actual orientation’ view. There defo is when using Google Maps as a sat nav, so there may be a similar icon on this. Tap the small corner map when you’re next flying and the whole screen jumps into Map View and you can see there.
I’ll check later today.