Mavic 2 Pro - Take Video and Pictures at same time?

Just wanted to know if any combination of video size, picture size + other settings allows pictures to be taken at the same time as recording video. I can’t seem to make this happen with this bird in the same fashion that the last Mavic would not.

I was hoping that this would be sorted for the Mavic 2. I’m sick of being mid flight, recording video and thinking wow what a cool picture. then having to break from recording to get it!

Are we still stuck with either video or picture?

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I think you’ll find they are maxing out the processor already for the 100mbs video, so I can’t see them ever adding simultaneous photos.
I’d agree, though, something that really should be possible even if only at lower res video settings.

Let’s face it, my six year old GoPro can do it!

I’d guess that the Mavic sensor screwed DJI over on this one… Overheating etc which caused the production model to delay and us ‘Seeing the bigger picture’ late. Large sensor, tiny enclosure -lots of toasty warmth.

I have a feeling functionality was ditched to bring the electronics back within operational temperatures and tolerances.

I reckon…
4k 60fps was ditched.
Simultaneous video and shooting were ditched.
2k 120fps ditched.
Other tweaks to allow for software redevelopement ditched.

I’m really hoping simultaneous pictures and videos are being kept for a near future firmware update. But then, I can hope.

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A Red Helium packed into a Mavic Pro sized drone with 1 hour flight time for £500. That would work! :rofl:

If only…

Never tried it but I understand that it is supposed to be possible to get reasonable still pictures from 4K video on Digital SLR. Not sure of quality on smaller Mavic sensor?

I think becsuse off the slow 60fps frame rate that there will be motion blur in fast moving images when moving at speed.

But, even if you were able to take simultaneous photos during video, you would only have photos that are using the identical exposure settings to those being used in the video, in any case. :wink:

For 60fps you’ll probably be using a shutter speed no slower than 1/120.
So, unless scooting along quite fast and close to objects, it should be OK.

I meant to say 30fps @ 4k, so am shooting at 1/60th.

Ha - right - but that’s all photos would be if one could take them during video. :wink: