Mavic 2 Zoom and 4Hawks SR & XR


Just a mega-quick post about my experiences with the 4Hawks antennae on my M2Z, in case anyone is considering a purchase and can’t decide which to buy, (Other Antennae are available :wink: ).
I have both the SR and the XR
I mainly bought these to maintain a clear video signal.

SR - Pretty much the same as the stock antenna WITH parabolic reflectors - video is a little more stable but not worth the effort, (IMHO) - the ROI is too small
XR - Oh so much better (50-100% increase in challenging environments over stock) - however it does make the controller M A S S I V E


I must get out and do a proper range test with my MP.

I’ve never had signal problems because or range … and it’s been at the very, very, limit …. ish …. of VLOS a few times, but can’t recall the actual furthest.


When I had the XR on the MP - it made even more of a difference than it does on the M2.


Check this …


I’ve seen a few of these setups, (I’m also a member of the Spark Side FB group :wink: )


Photos, or it didn’t happen… :wink:


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Same position - full zooooom…


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