Mavic 3 with RC Pro losing signal

Finally got out today to fly my Mavic 3 with my new RC Pro, within a few secinds I kept having the warning about losing connection, well within eyesight, less than 300ft away, open countryside.
Videos all came out fine, but very disconcerting losing signal so much, the RC-N1 doesn’t lost signal at all.
I have contacted DJI and awaiting their advice, seems a common issue searching on Google, but I was hoping someone might have an idea on here?
Would just using 5.8GHz be better rather than Dual or 2.4GHz?
Any help would be great, like I say the RC Pro is only 2 weeks old so I can return or replace, both M3 and RC Pro on latest firmware too
Cheers Mark

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If the signal is ok with the Rc-N1 then that points to the Rc Pro that is the issue not the drone

You could use the free FCC hack with the Rc-N1 and an android phone then connect the RC Pro without powering down the drone to see if forcing it into FCC makes a difference

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Yes thought about that, but i have a Z Fold4 and won’t fit in the RC-1N, blumming annoying, it was like fighting for signal connection

It don’t need to fit, you power on the drone and Rc-n1 wait for them to connect

Then connect the phone to the bottom USB port and run the hack

Turn off the Rc-N1 and connect the Rc Pro :+1:

Where do I get the hack from please?

Is that the RC pro or the RC ? Only asking as I have seen the new RC is plagued with problems but I’ve not seen any problems on the RC pro

Do you have another drone that works with the RC Pro?

Surprised that it lost signal so rapidly.

Perhaps try another drone to eliminate the controller.

Yes the expensive RC Pro, andno i don’t have another Drone to try.
It just kept losing connection but still managed to record the video.
Seen as i can load apk’s on this could I do the fcc hack directly on this Controller?
Lot of money for a Controller im now scared to use, the original supplied RC-N1 works great with no loss or anything

Right done the free hack, how can I tell if it’s worked?

The control and video connections are separate, and when you say recorded was that on the drone’s SD card?

Do you have the Airdata?

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Yes what’s recorded seems fine, but controlling the drone was really hard, it seemed really sluggish

Yes it did what the fcc pictured showed, but loses it after switching off and on again arghhhh

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The hack is not permanent, you have to reapply it every time you power on the drone

Share the Airdata from the flight

How, got Airdata on tablet running, csv or any others?

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Dec-6th-2022-11-47AM-Flight-Airdata.csv (985.0 KB)

Use the share button to create a link, might need to be on a pc

Hands up I forgot to check maximum height in settings, so dropped to below 400ft as soon as the warning popped up