Mavic above the clouds

I took the Mavic out for a quick spin early one morning this week and made this video of a beautiful “pea super” fog!



Wow :star_struck:

That looks amazing!

How high above sea level are you there?

And do you fly with the gimbal dome cover on?

Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Thanks PingSpike,

Where I took off from I was already above the level of the clouds, so very little height was needed. This is a valley near where I live and this type of fog often happens so I might get up above it again sometime, its good fun!

Nice! I came across some fog too…


Awesome Peter!! Enjoying the dramatic music as you come back through the clouds!

There should be a few more opportunities for this type of flying with Autumn now upon us :grinning:

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Cool video @Peter - I’m really going to have to get myself up to Winter Hill and try this out :slight_smile:

Was the Mavic damp or when when you landed??

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Amazing video, @Peter. Just don’t show that to the CAA, they’ll think you were flying at 30,000 ft and scramble RAF interceptors! :wink:

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No mate, not at all… :sunglasses:

Well between you and me I did have to push the limit a tad to break through, was just about to give up when she popped through. :blush:

Thanks bud… :blush: