Mavic Air 2 Hacks?

Does anyone know if there are or if any companies (like No Limit Drones etc) are working on any hacks for Mavic Air 2?

People are working on it but nobody has made any significant breakthroughs (NFZ, FCC, height removal, etc) so far.

Parameter mods have been out in the wild for a while now though.

Anything in particular you wanted to do?

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Thanks for the reply Rich, interesting to hear Parameter mods are available, what kind of adjustments can you make with these? The main thing I’m interested in is trying to remove the speed restriction

Michele Vagnetti is currently working on an APP for the MA2, one of the features will be control of the gimbal using head tracking while in FPV mode.

I’ve been using Michele’s software with my Spark and Tello drones and I’ve not had any issues. Both packages are light years ahead of DJI’s and Rhyze’s official APPs for these drones.



Thats a very interesting video thanks @Nidge will be interesting to see what other features it will include :grinning:

The free version of dronehacks let’s you edit parameters.

Check it out:

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What kind of parameters are we talking Rich? Also I assume these kind of adjustments would void any warranty?

Every single one of them :slight_smile:


Try the app, it’s free for the Air 2 currently!

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Is it a PC program or a phone app? I’m going to at least take a look :grinning:

Cheers Rich. Just watched the video and will definitely be taking a good look at this when I have a bit of spare time to go through it :+1:t2:

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