Mavic Air 2 - Hurst Castle

Still learning how to control and get the right kind of panoramic shots but loved the colours on this and the subject matter . Few jerky bits but I’m good with it …


Are you using one of the filters?

no - shot it in HDR mode. I confess I am struggling to get better quality in video with the filters on v pure HDR mode … Manual W/b at 5700k

I’m assuming you uploaded at better than 360p. :laughing:


Sometimes good to hold off posting here until YT have finished processing all resolutions - that way you avoid people seeing it in low res. :wink:

All processed now :


never known people to be so quick to view before …lol


Looks great, Hurst is on my ‘list’.
Hopefully the weather will be OK once my replacement MP comes…

My friend with an MA2 has sent me some great pics, his only criticism is that the control sensitivity adjustments aren’t available like on his original Air.

@ianinlondon has pointed this out too, and said it makes smooth panning more tricky for the moment. Hopefully there will be firmware updates to add the sensitivity (EXP?) adjustments before too long.


Yes… you really need to be v v slow with gimbal and yaw controls …


That’s the disappointment with DJI Fly, as opposed to Go4 ,lack of adjustment for Yaw rates, and Gimbal Speed.

Can still be adjusted in DJI FLY ;o)

It’s the sensitivity setting that they need to add for the MA2 - it is there for the mini … it will be a firmware update along with a few other things …

Tbh I only used the fly4 with my sons phantom and I’m finding fly ok …

Enjoyed that :+1: I do like to see what I assume are WW2 defences on the south coast ? -the site looks in fine fettle too - wish we had that level of sea erosion defences up here in Anglesey. Good effort.

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That looks so cool. Hope I can get to that stage pretty soon.

Keep it up.

Not for the Mavic Air 2…only the Mini

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