Mavic Air 2 RTH issue?

I’ve not had my Mavic Air 2 for long but was wondering if this is normal or if there’s an issue?.

Yesterday I was flying with no problems at all, every time I’ve used it so far I’ve flew back to where I want to land and landed manually this is mainly due to my phone always being on silent so I’ve never heard the “home point updated” before take off.
Yesterday I actually had the phone turned up so heard it say the home point was updated so after the flight I decided to use the return home button for the first time, the drone did as expected at first, lifted to 60m then flew back to me but it went another few metres and lowered itself down to land a few metres away from its original take off point :thinking:

When I used a friend’s Mavic mini, it would land literally at the point it took off from so was expecting the same from the Air 2. I always check for firmware updates etc before every flight so I know everything is up to date, I was in a big open field so no obvious signal disruptions and I always make a point of staying at the take off location in case the return home is triggered for any reason.

Did you hover for a few seconds after take off? It’s good practice to aid the the precision RTH feature to work as it gives the sensors a chance to mark out the ground beneath it? I’ve never had an issue with mine. I always try and use a take-off/landing pad so that the drone has a visual reference and every time I’ve used the RTH its landed back on the pad.

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Heres a video about the precision landing of the Mavic Air 2:


I did hover for a few seconds, I’ve just read people saying to hover for about 10 seconds, I definitely didn’t hover for that long so that’s probably what caused it to over shoot the take off spot on return… Still new to it so the excitement of getting it in the air takes over :joy:

I’ll definitely try to hover longer next time and see if does the same thing but my partner has mentioned I should get a take-off/landing pad as well but after watching the beginning of that video, I’m definitely not letting it scan the area so I need to go test that as soon as the weather allows it again.

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I can recommend this Take off/Landing pad it’s the one I use and it folds away pretty small and fits in my rucksack :+1:t2:


Interesting video. When I’ve tested mine it’s always landed within 30cm of take off point. However, as explained in the video, I would only rely on it to get the Drone back in the take off vicinity. Then manually take control.
It’s also good practice to get used to using the map in case you loose orientation. You can see where the Drone is and which way it’s facing in relation to you, using the pointer. Just another tool to have for assistance. :slightly_smiling_face:
I also have the folding landing pad too.


Also if look at the dji battery info on there site, they recommend you let your drone hover for 30 seconds, before moving off.


Thank you for the recommendation! I think that’s the one my partner showed me the other day but I’ll be making sure to get one ordered as soon as possible for the extra piece of mind :+1:

This is one thing I’ve made sure I “try” and do at all times, I saw my friend struggle with his Mavic mini quite a few times then I noticed the area on the screen to help with orientation so have tried to make it a habit now of checking the arrow quite often.

This shows my eagerness :joy: I’ve not noticed that bit but I will be taking all these points on board and making sure to follow them and hopefully solve what seems to be my own errors.

I’ve always thought the precision landing was based on what the rear LED’s are doing…

On the ground: slow blink
Taking off: fast blink

Once they return to slow blink again the scan is complete.

Did you just make that up? :rofl:


First thing I got told when I ordered mine, was to read everything I could find on the dji web site. A lot of good info…pity I have not been able to fly yet :frowning: winds have been to high since it arrived, hopefully this weekend :slight_smile: weather is looking better so far :slight_smile:

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Think in the DJI manuals it states that the fast blinks are down to the downward vision sensors working :+1:

I was thinking the same lol :rofl:


I had noticed that the LEDs change depending what mode is selected :+1:t2:

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Like i said… that’s what I always thought.

Would be nice to know then why all mavics go through this blinking procedure. As explained above?

I just assumed it was visual aid to determine flight mode ie sport, normal, tripod ect. Lol


I’ve literally just re downloaded the manual and started reading again. Checking over everything I’ve set up and since ignored haha. I’m still very new to mine, had it 2 weeks and it’s only been in the air 4 times due to the weather and those 4 flights have been short as the weather looked like it was changing at any time.

Fingers crossed you get yours in the air over the weekend, I’ve found the uav forecast app slightly helpful, not sure how accurate it is but I’ve set it to warn me of winds 9m/s as the DJI site shows it can handle 10m/s so gives me a guide on height before I’m likely to get wind warnings etc but so far it’s been good enough on the days I’ve managed to use it.


I knew the leds had something to do with the home point. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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