Mavic Air 2s and Mini 3 with DJI fly App - Unable to take off Code 30064

Welcome to DJI ownership.

There are no medals for upgrading anything until you read the feedback from others .

They’ve been at it since I started buying their gear in 2015

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I normally agree after my Mavic pro days where day one fantastic flew far and behind obstacles no signal loss it was fantastic then after every update I felt the noose tighten up around my bird and enjoyment was fading rapidly until I came across NLD and a finger upto Dji and I was happy again.

But with the Mini 3 any updates cannot be any worse then when I purchased it, little by little there getting better and yes I understand there blocking hacks but that’s the name of the game, I will hack when there is a similar firmware to Mavic pro days and get all the benifets and then never update again.

With any luck the 30064 error on the Mini 3 Pro will be fixed for everyone with a firmware update shortly.

I got an updated firmware through a DJI admin on their forum and it’s fixed the issue. They seem to have sent the update to at least a few users there so hopefully with positive feedback it’ll be pushed to all shortly.

Interesting, how did they send it to you?

You give them the email address associated with your DJI account, they do whatever they need to do their side, you then check for firmware update in the Fly app and should see an update you can apply

Do you have the version number they sent you?
it is in the about section in the fly app

It’s aircraft firmware 01.00.0310

Did you get the drone sorted or is it still not flying?

I have version 01.00.0310 if you need it :wink:

How did you get a copy? I would have shared but couldnt work out how to rip a copy off the drone itself or capure the URL/download.

I got it off someone online, the download is stored on the phone in one of the DJI app folders, can’t remember which one :man_shrugging:

Fair enough. I have the RC. I did connect it up and search through all folders but nothing there. I guess it’s either deleted automatically once applied or it’s in a directory i cant get to.

Wish i’d gone for the RC-N1 and phone option now…the RC severely limits options for tweaking!

Reported the issue to DJI and completed an online form, within 48 hours they sent me a pre-paid UPS Express label and some custom forms to complete. Parcelled the unit up and dropped it off at a local UPS collection point over the weekend. It’s now on its way to Nuth in the Netherlands for repair under warranty. Can’t do anymore until it’s return.

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Did you buy it from DJI?

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Bought it from Park Cameras

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Wouldn’t it have been easier to send return it to them for a replacement or refund?

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Yes, it would, however, Park Cameras had sold me a product that was in perfect working condition, it flew fine for a week. The problem occurred after a manufacturers update. Therefore, I wasn’t going to burden Park Cameras with an issue that wasn’t their fault. Furthermore, the service I’d received from Park was outstanding, paid for the drone on a Saturday and it was delivered to my house on Sunday. I try to play fair with companies that play fair by me.


An update on the code 30064 issue on week old Mini 3 Pro drone.
Following correspondence with DJI the drone was parcelled up and dropped off at a UPS Express collection point where it was collected on 12th September. A couple of days later an email arrived from the Netherlands informing me that it would be “repaired” free of charge. On 20th September a brand-new factory sealed drone with new sealed battery was delivered to me.
Everything now perfect again and back flying.
Considering that the drone had to return to the Netherland and clear customs on the way there, and then be sent back to UK where it needed to clear customs again, I think this service was excellent. It was however more than irritating that a week-old drone should be rendered useless by a manufacturer’s firmware update.
I now feel very reluctant to update the firmware on the new drone in case something similar happens.
It’s interesting to note; that my two spare batteries which had both been updated gave the “unable to take off” message when first powered on, this lasted for around 30 seconds before the message disappeared and everything returned to normal.

Unfortunately DJI have a track record with FW updates, always better for someone else to do it first (of which there are plenty)

Interesting that the batteries did this, looks like the error was to do with the battery firmware

Maybe, possibly, but also questionably.
If the issue was in the battery firmware why would DJI send me a new sealed boxed aircraft? (as well as a battery). Also, when the two spare batteries which had previously been updated were placed in the new aircraft body, they self-corrected after about half a minute or thereabouts.
I don’t have the answers but at least I do now have something that will fly correctly with all batteries.