Mavic Air 2s and Mini 3 with DJI fly App - Unable to take off Code 30064

It’s what they do with most issues :person_shrugging:

Thanks for that snippet of information, as this was my first dealing direct with DJI repair I wasn’t aware of this.

DJI repackage and heat shrink all their refurbs too. Much like Apple do.

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Hope it’s ok for me to post this here for users to know !

Moved your post to an existing thread on this error code.

Out of interest why don’t you let iOS update automatically? And how do you do it manually - via PC?

iOS does not remove the old version, it just writes the new version over the top.

If I want to update to a newer version I’ll uninstall the old version and do a soft reset to get rid of all the left behinds , then just add the new version through the App Store