Mavic Air Flymore combo

Hello all,

I have a 2 month old Mavic Air Flymore combo for sale which has been used literally a handful of times

There are also some useful ancillary accessories and the DJI insurance available for free if you can transfer it.

I have photos available and would take £700 for the whole package.


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DJI care refresh is linked to the drone via the serial number, not the owner or original purchaser. So The DJI care refresh goes with the drone no problem.

I literally just purchased a air fly more kit from fleebay. Bad timing I guess.

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Is this still available? where are you based?
Kind regards

Hi there.

Yes it’s still all available and I am based in the. Manchester area.

Thank you.

Ok , I’m in Wales so would need it posting, what’s included? any pictures? paypal ok?

Hi Phil.

Yes I have pictures. Give me a short while and I can send them over. What part of wales are you in?

Near Lampeter

never heard of fleebay before, looks a bit amateurish.

is it really amazon affiliate?

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Fleebay is a nick name for ebay

But something also exists as that name. :wink:

Oh, btw Phil / @Philw, welcome to GADC! :+1:

If you have a moments, pop over to #introductions and tell us a little about yourself. :ok_hand:

Hi Phil,

I though I had pictures but cant find them so I can take them tonight and send through later.

Essentially apart from the flying machine itself there is a harsided case which holds everything with preformed cutout plus an orignial flymore bag.

Three batteries

An original multi battery charger

Prop guards


An adaptor to hold an iphone onto the controller

Landing pad

I dont have paypal so would be happy if agreeable to meet halfway somewhere and reduce the cost to cover your fuel accordingly if that helps.

Please let me know and i’ will get those pics over to you. The whole kit is immaculate and as you could see from the battery logs if necessary its probaly been flown for mot much more than an hour in total.

i also have dji insurance included if you want that for free. Valid until next may.


there is a fleebay site, but looks s**t which is why I wonderd

Carl don’t worry about pictures. I’m going to buy a new one they are on offer at the moment plus it’ gets delivered for free, thank you for your time.
Kind regards

Yes there is but it’s spelt Fleabay, which is why Fleebay is a nick name. hth.