Mavic Air. Gimbal wheel controlling rudder?

I’ve done a search here and on Google to find plenty of Mini 2 gimbal problems but not one for this:

Mavic Ait 1
Litchi IOS
Standard Controller

When I use the control wheel to move the gimbal up and down the aircraft goes right or left as well as the gimbal moving. Only noticed it this evening because the aircraft was a few metres away, it may have been happening for a while but I’g not noticed due to it being a distance away and me assuming it to be bad piloting.

Anyone encountered this before?

Saw the word rudder in the title and expected to see some kind of crazy modification :rofl:

Is this a Litchi thing? :thinking:

Which “gimbal mode” are you in? Follow or FPV?

I’ve never had this but I will get my ma1 out tomorrow and try and replicate this.

Just to add, I’ve never experienced this and I use Litchi all the time, on a few different drones.

And we’ve got enough litchi users here, I’m sure someone would have mentioned it before :thinking:

It was both pano and fpv modes… I’ll try again tomorrow to see if it was a one-off glitch

Have you tried a controller calibration ??

There’s a couple of similar cases mentioned on the Mavic Pilots forum but none give a finite fix.

Found this thread on the DJI Forum - scroll down a bit and it suggests the problem can be fixed by a controller calibration :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thanks for all your suggestions. Before I ran a controller calibration I checked in both P-mode and Sport that there was no indicated stick movement when I moved the gimbal control wheel between the stops. I calibrated the controller anyway and will see how the aircraft behaves next time I’m out.

Reading through the DJI forum link that @Jhdee kindly posted I can see that this could be one of those annoying intermittent faults.

I doubt that Litchi is involved, I included it in the equipment list to save people telling me about GO4 glitches that could be the problem.

The contributors to the DJI Forum seem to think controller calibration solves the problem - temporarily. One theory is that loose components on the circuit board may be the cause.

I’ll keep an eye on this one!

Four days later:

I went out last night and the first flight was fine. I always take the first few seconds to lift the drone up to about three meters height, ensure that the home point has been recorded and yaw it 380 degress to see all looks well. No problems.

I then did what I normally do on return, hand catch and tilt the drone on its back to kil the motors. Power off, change battery and put drone on top off hard case for take off. Then the quick lift off / check routine.

The only difference last night was that I was using the gimbal wheel to check flight stability and gimbal function before moving off. The first flight had been fine, the second showed the aircraft moving several feet left or right as I moved the gimbal wheel. So I set off anyway and during the flight dim’t encounter the problem.

The third and last flight was similarly uneventful.

Qhwn I change batteries I keep Litchi running. As aircraft power is lost Litchi informs me “aircraft disconnected” and when the aircraft hs powered on and done a self check all is back to normal on the Litchi screen.

So I have an intermittent “feature” … :frowning:

It’s because you’re “special”!