Mavic Air in the snow

I’m probably boring people now but this thing is amazing, not regretting selling the MP at all…


I actually thought video was jumping but watched again with sound and it makes sense.

How do you do that effect? Pretty cool.

It’s really laborious Callum, you have to load the music track, find the beat or whatever you want to keep track of, split the video at those points, remove a small section of the video track (that one was half a second) then shift the video back together again… That one took about 3 or 4 hours to put together.


A mate of mine has just purchased a Air and I am amazed how good it is, I am really tempted to jump ship…
Nice Vid.

You’ll not regret it mate, well not as far as I can tell so far. Nobody knows when the MP2 is going to be released and MP’s are holding their price quite well at the moment considering DJI have signalled the end of the MP by reducing its price. As soon as there’s some positive news about the MP2 expect to see a lot going up for sale which will drive values down.

The Air will keep me quite happy until the MP2 is released and tbh, if the MP2 is silly money I may not even get one, it’s that good…

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He sold his MPP in favour of the Air… :smiley:

I can’t help thinking it will be.

And as you are all to aware, you then need to buy every bloody accessory out there to re-kit / mimic your current setup.

This is not a cheap hobby :slight_smile:

Some of the rumours … yes, expensive … but highly desirable.!
Financially, it scares me. But I think I’m already salivating!
Sounds like it will be a foldable-compact-P4P with some cutting edge bits thrown in!

"Dear bank manager … " :wink:

And I was just about to look for some fancy final cut pro setting to do it! Your way makes more sense :slight_smile: Great Video!