Mavic Air landing system


Just checking, does anyone know if these legs are sealed, just wondering if I was to land on damp sand / damp grass, would you get water intrusion going into these legs, which contains some electronic circuits I guess.??

The legs contain the antennas for video (and possible rc). I don’t know if they are sealed, but landing on damp sand/grass should be fine. I wouldn’t however land in pooled water.

Or the North Sea…:rofl::rofl: anyway at least I can see what happens with my new CrystalSky

I always use leg extensions if the ground is damp/wet. Also when it’s rough/rocky and when I’m not sure where I’ll be landing (when walking as I fly). Useful things.

I always use a landing pad - ideal on wet grass :+1:

Also stops dust and dirt (and wet sand?) being kicked up in to the air-intake behind the gimbal on the Mavic Pro, not sure if the Mavic Air has the same intake behind the camera?

I have seen a post somewhere with the legs splitting possibly due to poor glue. Best to get a landing pad. They only cost £10.

ordered and it has arrived. No more wet feet

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