Mavic Air quiet props

Yes, I know it’s a vexed topic but it probably goes without saying that most Mavic Air owners would like a quieter flying experience.

I saw this and was intrigued

I’m interested in people’s comments.
I know the risks of using diy props on our drones, but the bl**dy obvious question is why can’t DJI make them professionally so we can buy them with confidence and reap the benefits? It’s just so chuffing annoying


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I agree, wouldn’t use diy but don’t understand why DJI hasn’t done something, maybe to focused on the Mavic 2.

Also wondering if they will do a firmware update for the new poi option seen on the M2. Seems to be so much easier than having to identify from flying above first.

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Not used it yet but I think the Mavic 2 uses camera and vision system for that instead of GPS.

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Yes ,very surprising,considering there are already third party propellers available on amazon for mavic 2,including led ones.Personally,i would much rather buy genuine dji propellers,not that third party props are not any good,but i just feel better when i put up a £1000+ drone using the dji ones. Yes totally agree,dji should make these low noise props available for the mavic air,as some of my fellow mavic air pilots have often said how loud it is,other than that,a great drone:+1::+1: