Mavic bites man. His own stupid fault

So don’t do what I just did. I actually had my bird hovering in front of me and a little voice in my head (let’s call him Beelzebub) said why don’t you test the stability of the Mavic. So I reached my hand out - and I still don’t know why I did it - straight into the whirling props. Instant cut finger and badly bruised thumb. OMG it hurt but it could have been so much worse.

Don’t do what this stoopid fool just did, Mavic people, keep arms, hands and fingers well clear of a flying drone at all times. It certainly ain’t no toy.

I’m hoping that I’ve got my drone accident out of the way early and that flying will be a lot safer from now on - or whenever my hand heals. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Good job, I’ve been bitten a few times. Mind I used to fly 450 sized helis and those things would have your finger clean off.

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I nearly did something similar only this evening!

My Mavic was on a landing pad in a field and I started the rotors getting ready for takeoff when the forward sensors warned of an obstacle, which turn out to be the tall grass right in front of the landing pad.

Oh, that’s ok I thought, I’ll just move the Mavic towards the back of the landing pad.

So I walked up to the pad and said, “ah…” as I saw the blades spinning at 100mph. I left it where it was :rofl:

Did your bird not crash @Londroner?!

Nope, just chewed lumps out of its master and carried on flying. Tough old bird - unlike its owner. :frowning:

If you come from a RC background you will know that props Bite… the amount of times whacked my finger cos i was too lazy to put the "chicken finger " on…

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Am I going to regret asking what the HELL a “chicken finger” is???

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this is a chicken finger, used for starting RC aeroplane engines by hand…

O no 2 x plonker badges required :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: