Mavic bites

So a little more care needed when trying to catch mavic them props wizzing round really quick.



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Really sorry to see that Andy. Hope you heal up soon. You need one of these!

Thank goodness you didnt lose both eyes! :wink:

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You were so very lucky not to have been more seriously injured, I’ve seen photos of those blades going down to the bone. I’ve been on the receiving end of a slight ‘nick’ on the end of a finger, it happened so quick, I was lucky not to have lost the end of the finger. It was a huge wake up call for me to respect those blades and keep well away from anyone.especially ME.

is it the mavic pro or the air?
I only ask, as the Air can instantly be shut down by turning it quickly onto is side.

Mavic pro

Yep is lesson learnt

Looks like it !, near to your eye as well !

Yep caught my eye got blood build up in eye and pressure is up got loads of meds.

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Do you normally catch the bird above head height?

No but seemed like a good idea at the time


Lucky you didn’t do more damage.

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Hi Andy sorry for the first comment it was a bit heartless I didn’t realise it had caught you in the eye too
You where very lucky

Wow! you were extremely luck mate, especially with it being your eye.

Glad your alright.

Lucky there Andy. That could have been so much worse.
I still bear the scars on my upper leg. The lounge carpet also displays the aftermath of the wound, nightmare getting blood out of a light cream carpet.
Hope you are soon recovered mate

Yep me too got 3 lots of eye drops that sting like mad and tablets great start to my holiday

Hope you heal soon, thanks for the how not to do it post :rofl:

How’s your eye now Andy?

Hi Callum

Is much better thanks for asking got hospital today hopefully can stop the eye drops.


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