Mavic Enterprise Dual Review

Well I’m up in Scotland with all my drones doing a bit of survey work and some shooting.

I’ve got my hands on a demo unit of the Mavic Enterprise Dual on loan from the kind folks at Heli Guy.

I’ll upload thoughts soon here!


Look forward to your feedback!

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Currently looking at the dual enterprise so looking forward to your feedback

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Video is uploading now :wink:


What did you want to use it for?

What, sheer gadget factor isn’t enough of a reason?!



To be honest I like the thought of have EXTRA Gadget on an already awesome drone , would like to be involved in search and rescue to be honest living near Derbyshire and Lake District

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Day 1: First Impressions

I’ll caveat this with the fact I’m still learning the settings (although I own an Inspire 1 with Zenmuse XT).

  • The drone looks brand new so I’m possibly first ever user. It wanted updates, I did them. It still repeatedly complains of inconsistent firmware now. Maybe I need to reset and update again. Any bugs may be due to this.

  • DJI Pilot app crashes often, especially switching to msx

  • MSX doesn’t currently work. Could be firmware update is required or a reset.

  • Otherwise it flys and works just like a Mavic. The app is very similar to Go4.

  • The light and audio attachments are good. The audio is great for playing recorded messages and you can create your own. The light is insanely bright!

  • The thermal works, but so far feels disappointing, it would benefit from a better sensor. Then again the whole package, drone included is 1/3 the price of a second hand XT.

  • It’s fast to deploy, real fast! Beats my inspire hands down. And so portable.

Video link to follow.

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#TwiddlesThumbs …. :wink:


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You tube is being pants! Never ending processing video loop! Deleted to upload again!


Thought perhaps it was a 3 hour 4k feature film length vid. LOL!

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Video won’t play Glenn, say’s it’s marked as Private?

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God damit

It’s open now!

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Interesting vid!

I know nothing about sheep, I’m guessing their coats are insulating the heat (vs the cows)?

I think so too. I want to try it on deer.

I think it will work better at night/cold so watch this space.

At the end of the day, it’s a tiny lepton sensor used in usb phone dongles, it’s never going to be as good as the zenmuse XT or anywhere close. Question is… is it any use for ANYTHING? I’m not sure.

It’s on the edge of being useless to me, but I’ll play more and reserve judgement.

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You’ve still got the XT I take it?

It’d be interesting to see the same things (animals, buildings, cars on roads, etc) with the XT vs the Mavic.

Frankly, if I had a use for it, and I don’t !.
If I flew that and got the results you have I would be really pissed at the quality !.

You summed it up nicely Glenn !.

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Indeed! I wanted it to be good :wink: