Mavic Mini 3 Pro Props - Recommendations

Hi. Did have a look for this topic and didn’t find anything conclusive on this topic

Finding it hard to find OEM DJI props for the mini 3 that don’t come with a high shipping tag attached. Don’t mind paying £9 for a set but it gets crazy when you have to then pay £5 shipping.

Amazon have quite a few third party props for the mini 3 but are any of them any good?

Usually I like to use the manufacturers recommend parts for things like this when safety and performance are a major factor.

Any suggestions or where and what that are good quality would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Heliguy have them for £9 and shipping is £4 if that helps :thinking:

That’s better than some places I have seen. And the low p&p places seem to be always sold out

Many thanks.

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@Jhdee many thanks for the suggestion of Heliguy - ordered them from them along with a few other bits and bobs and got free shipping and also signed up for there reward program and got £10 off - so basically got the props for FREE and my other stuff I saved £1 and got free shipping so yeah awesome suggestion - forgot about them and I have actually ordered props from them before for my OG Mavic Mini some time back.


Great result - well done :+1: :+1: :+1: