Mavic mini Car charger

Can the mavic mini batteries be charged in a car using a normal 12v phone charging cable or is there a charger available.

76 results from eBay search. I have similar for Mavic Air batteries. Not very fast and one battery (and controller) at a time but useful in emergency

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I’ve connected the mini charging hub to my car USB just using a phone lead as you ask, but couldn’t get them to quick charge (charging lights moving very slowly), although it was charging.

I’ve been experimenting with a Powerbank with mixed results, need to get myself an 18v fast charge one (happy fathers day to me)

Anyone else used a Powerbank in the field (sorry to hijack your thread @Warlock1971)

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Not a problem. @milkmanchris

Old thread, tech has no doubt moved on, worth a bump: In the field charging

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A lack of amps, I’m guessing?

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Not very aware of the Mavic air. But just a suggestion how about a power inverter plugged into the “accessory” socket and then charging with a mains charger?

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Great idea. And i’ve got one somewhere.

Need to check what load it’s drawing. and the load rating on your car’s accessory socket. Some can be fused as low as 5 amps. (2 amps when I were a lad!)

Also - chances are you’re better getting a quality car socket USB charger - that will be more efficient than converting to mains and back. That will only add to the current needed.

Personally - I only ever use an inverter clipped direct to the battery for that reason. But it is a 200W inverter, so on a good day that will be needing 17A at 12V.

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