Mavic mini crash - i dont know why can someone help me understand

. I’ve become another person to have a crash with the MM. Been flying for just under a month with no real problems. Had one small issue last weekend where mini dropped for no real reason but i seemed to save it before a crash, i put it down to the wind as the gusts where quite strong.
Today was a diffrent kettle fish first flight no issue. Didnt go far as i was checking if the issue from lweekend would occur again but i never. Second flight seemed fine until it dropped and hit the ground in marsh land just past a pond. I was thinking it was same issue as prev wend?
Just really wanting to know if it was my error or an issue with the mini?
Seems fine now but my little confidence has gone i would like to understand why? I always fly near as im newish to mini now. Addtional note my friend was flying his mini in same area with no issue.
Thanks in advance for any help and happy to upload any needed files just let me know?
Thanks again

Are you able to upload the flight log to the usual places, phantomhelp and/or Airdata. These two sites should provide all info up until and possibly including the point of impact.



Thanks for the info, got a question as i am a totally new to flight log data if i use air data do i need to upgrade to a paid account?

Don’t think so. You get a number of flight info for free

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Did it drop straight down like it lost power?

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100 flights are stored for free

It did seem so but as i was flying close to the ground it happend fast. Ill try the suggestion regarding flight logs

In addtion i did try to increase altitude and move foward not to drop in the pond. It was close but the marsh was pretty bad upto upto the knee in mud but MM saved worth it i thought


Details on where to find the log files on your smart phone (as AirData doesn’t support Mavic 2 or Mavic Mini .DAT files).

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Once i have the data file converted would someone be kind enough to look through and advise?

If you can upload it to AirData you can share a link from there.

I’m sure someone here will have a butchers for you :+1:t2:

I noted 2 things you said that might have had an effect possibly “just past a pond” & “flying very close to the ground” if I remember correctly DJI state somewhere in their drone manuals that you should not fly over highly reflective surfaces like water/within 2Mts from such. I just wonder if this Has had an effect on its sensors. Just a thought

Thanks for the thought i have no idea tbh. I think i was higher than that as i did try and save it by try to in altitude and moving it forward away from the pond. Would this be shown in the flight log? I will check on that one.


Can’t comment on that one I’m not at that level of ownership as yet :shushing_face: I just recalled reading those comments in the manuals and smiling to myself having not long previously watch some DJI marketing ads Containing watery lakes low flying etc Also noted lots of snow scenes something else DJI don’t recommend you fly over! Ha the power of advertising & the ‘artistic licence’ it gives to the ad creators

Seriously the logs seem to be a great way forward but meantime maybe avoid those ponds to be on the safe side drones don’t swim well or at least the flying type :woozy_face:

The log shows any sensor activity.

this is a complete guess but did you do an emergency landing , there is a to cut the props in an emergency , by moving the sticks in a certain direction.

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The log will tell us.

Hopefully not, just got in so putting into airdata now.

I have the data in airdata what next?

Link to phantomhelp data