Mavic Mini lake ditch

Not mine but a student just reported to me that he ditched his day old mini in the lake here at York Uni, not just in the edge but bang in the middle.

Wanted to know if we could help recover it.

Ermmmm no.


Did you get any info on how it happened?

I had a quick look at his flight log, the area around the food court is anywhere from water level to about 5m above it.

I think he got confused and just got too low.


Snorkel and flippers…:clown_face:

It’s only about 4 feet deep but it’s plastic lined and is 50 years old and about 2 feet of the depth is silt and shit.

Estates team might be able to get it but I don’t see the point the student does not have care refresh so he is fooked


could aways club together and buy a search drone