Mavic Mini motor covers

What are people’s thoughts on motor covers for the Mavic Mini. I understand why DJI have left them off to keep the published take off weight below 250g.

I do however feel that the motors appear exposed to dirt, sand etc.

Covers are available for about £5-£10 so do people use them?

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They look like the best possible way to kill all ventilation and make your motors run hot. :man_shrugging:

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Hand launch and catch mine all the time :wink:

ah, the wise words of the 8, now 7 fingered milkman :upside_down_face:

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Covering up the motor ventilation on any drone probably isn’t a good idea :blush:

Neither is covering up the grill on the front of your car to stop the radiator getting dirty :+1:t2:

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One of the more severe ramifications will be throwing the balance of the motor off, especially as they’re kv2900 and small. I believe one or two folk who used similar devices on their Parrot Anafi’s reported issues with jello, and increased heat as the motors had to work harder with the extra weight.

They also serve no practical purpose.


4 grams? :open_mouth:

As stated, it will kill the airflow and the motor.

I’m glad this subject came up. I’d just bought motor covers through Amazon but still before delivery so just cancelled the order and saved £8.99. Bought a landing pad in the same order to avoid dust etc anyway and don’t need the motors overheating.