Mavic on The Mersey

Went for a fly at New Brighton on Sunday morning.

I absolutely adore the Mavic. Such a great tool.


Hi @LarryDeath and welcome to the Grey Arrows :smiley:

Great vid - how high above the water were you? And did you have downward sensors turned off?

Also, how did you manage to find a day with no wind?! :smiley:

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Welcome to GADC! Nice video. That’s some seriously low water-flying you did at the start there. :smile:

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Cheers, Guys.

It was about 1-1.5m above the water. The sensors were still on.

It’s great for skimming along like this. On my youtube channel there’s a vid I did a few weeks ago - it’s not very well put together, but there’s some stuff I did at full speed around 600mm above the beach at Meols.

Great fun.