Mavic Pro 2

Ok so there’s tons of speculation going around and i’ve been reading a few websites.
Is anyone interested in the upgrade or are you going to just stick with your current mav?
Also when do we think its going to be realesed? Sept?

Discuss … :relaxed:

One of @OsitaLV twitter posts from about 6 weeks ago.
He seems to have good info on many DJI releases.

Yea im not on twitter so ive only come across him from these websites.
He’s apparently a dji beta tester and ive read somewhere else that beta testing ended in jan/feb for the mav 2 .
Could all be just aload of tosh though :man_shrugging:t2:

He’s posted a fair bit, since. Was quite accurate about the P4PP/P4P v2.

It will be whatever it is … then I can think about upgrading.

He’s suggested it will be quite a few more £££ than the MP.

He has also deleted a lot of the stuff that he got wrong, and has “leaked” quite a few fakes.
September is probably correct, that will be a year since the platinum shipped and two years since the MP first emerged.

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I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
I dont know weather to sell the mav early before prices drop again and then wait a few months till the 2 is out.
With DJI’s track record though i prob wont end up owning a mav 2 until december/january next year! Thats a long time without a mavic :cry:

Yeah but I guess do you want to sell it and be without all summer?

The MavP2 was supposed to be out in November, then January, then March, then June
Some people were talking of selling up in October to be ready. It may be out tomorrow, or it may never come, may be the Air was it. but I would imagine if it does come, it will be at least as costly as the Platinum, £1500 or more.


Don’t forget, from the date of any DJI announcement to the date in which their latest product is readily available here in the UK is often six months or more.

Prime example, the Mavic Pro. It took FORVER to be readily available.

A more recent example, the CrystalSky Ultra. NO ONE has these in stock in the UK. Nine months later!

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Correct me if i am wrong,but did they not have major problems with the screen on the ulta?