Mavic Pro Battery - Over Voltage Repair (third LED flashing)

I haven’t flown my Mavic in months, 12+ months.

I took it out of mothballed to get it ready for a member on here CoC. Three batteries charged as normal but the fourth charged and then stopped with the third LED flashing, code for short circuit.

I tried it in the Mavic but got a battery error so I left it resting overnight. In the morning I was surprised when it showed full LED’s and no error message in the App.

The App flagged a message saying “ Drain Battery to 5% and update”.

The battery has a .05 imbalance with one cell reaching 4.22V while the rest only reach 4.17 which stops the charging.

Has anyone had this happen?

I’m guessing all four batteries had entered full on hibernation mode, prior to the charge up?

The fourth one wasn’t in some kind of limbo was it?

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I had a battery do this on me in Nov '17 … when mine was a year old, frequently used, and it happened immediately after a firmware update.

Never found the cause and, because of other things, I ended up with a new battery courtesy of HobbyMounts. (Long story!).

Although I didn’t fly it, I periodically checked on the batteries by pressing the button so I doubt they entered hibernation.

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I’ll be disassembling the battery to balance the cells if updating fails, so watch this space…:rofl:


I tried to open the battery as carefully as possible, it’s not easy as you have no choice but to break tags and glue.

I’ll need to make a step down connector to balance charger next.

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Well it looks like this battery is now dead…,


Tried one of these?

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I fancy Lance could fashion something similar on the kitchen table for less :wink:

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Easy I’ve got 240AC by the kitchen table, good for sending one to a parallel universe…:rofl::rofl:

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Well,may as well have some fun,as its dead,take it outside and hit a nail in it! great fun watching these things burn and explode,its how i dispose of any of my own batteries,when they bloat to much. :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Most significant is the lack of new MP batteries anywhere.

Heliguy had some a while back … I procrastinated and they’d gone.

Not seen any anywhere for a while … genuine or genuinely iffy.


EBAY ? :grimacing: :grimacing:

Yeah - some - but ones I’m willing to part money for … :fearful:

Even some very non-genuine ones on Amazon. I’d try them before ebay.

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If I was going to go down the iffy route … may as well save £££ and go for Gearbest @ £36.

I had a quick look and they are becoming like hens teeth…

I think I might contact HobbyMounts and Heliguy and ask them to let me know when they get a genuine one in stock.

All three of mine seem to be OK when I recharge them … but sods law dictates they’ll all start failing in rapid succession when the last ever genuine one has gone.

Maybe an opportunity to experiment with a Turnigy Lipo, I’ll try it as the circuitry is working…:thinking:

Off to browse HB for the closest size…:grin: