Mavic Pro dual battery mod


I know mate. I read all 196 pages of the thread over on mavic pilots last night still im no further forward :tired_face:

So many promising reports on multistar, 18650s, titan packs but no one seems to follow up with any real positive feedback.


I fly with either 2 x 4000mah LiHV multistar’s = 265 grams each.
2 of these are a favourite, tried and tested for a lot of the flights on the long range leader board, 11 miles out and back is achievable.

For a single battery I use 1 x 5200mah LiHV multistar = 340 grams

There’s other batteries the long range guys are using now but to have them shipped to the UK makes them too expensive


Great info, cheers Mick!

I wonder why everyone recommends 3000mAh max when you’re happily running 4k, do your cables get hot?

I take it you get better performance from two “lowers” than one “higher”?


I only use 2 x 4000’s for getting the furthest possible distance out and back as that’s the main thing I’m interested in. The cables don’t get hot, if you ain’t trying for record distances I would recommend 2 x 3000 or 1 5200mah


I wonder can this one be used?
considering it is 11.1V not 11.4 V