Mavic pro gimbal issue

Hi newbie here
I have recently purchased a mavic pro but i have a problem with the gimbal it won’t calibrate I have messages saying overload excess vibration or overheating most people I have spoke with suggest replacing the ribbon is there anybody in the Essex area on here that can do this?



There is a DJI Repair Drone place at Sudbury called “Buzzflyer” they repair just about any of the DJI Range.

I have personal experience of these guys, who have supplied me with several of my Drones in the past, and cannot recommend them enough !!

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You haven’t by any chance got filter attached to the camera ?

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That’s a point Joe !, that would F@@k it up !!.
I would not keep firing it up to much, or, you could do more damage !

Hi guys
No filters on the camera does work now and again when flying and moves up and down but not all the time thanks for suggestions I will look guys up in Sudbury

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Hi Darren, glad you found my invite to our happy band of flyers. Hope you find the help you are looking for. Regards Brian, aka choo choo from the Mavic pilots site.

Hi Brian thanks for the heads up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Darren / @Goose71 , and welcome to GADC.

Sorry you’re having problems with your MP. More on that in a bit.

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Yup - as someone that has previously damaged their ribbon cable (not flying - just being over inquisitive), I’d certainly suspect this is your problem. The symptoms seem familiar.

From what I’ve seen/heard/read, “professional” repair people just replace the complete camera gimbal module - so it tends to be pricey for what isn’t a very expensive item that’s broken.

Having replaced my own, however, and found out what a frustratingly fiddly job it is - I kind of see why they do that. Chances are their time to replace one would actually be even more expensive.

It is something you could do yourself for around £20 (+ the cost of some essential tools) - but, believe me, it really is damned bloody fiddly!

If you do think of doing it yourself, search on YouTube for “Mavic Pro Ribbon Cable Replacement” and there are several videos that give you an idea as to what’s involved.
I think all the ones I’ve seen show the dismantling - in varying levels of detail - but they all seem to end with “reassemble in the opposite order” and show little or nothing of the reassembly. If they do, it’s seriously edited, otherwise it would be ridiculously long because of all that annoying fiddling.

Hi Guys just read this thread which got me very interested I have a second hand drone and its great most of the time, you knew there was a but coming :joy: so when I am flying in winds that I get a message saying strong wind (about 16 mph) the camera goes daft in like it does not know where the home position is starts to go through the setup procedure after this it fly’s ok normally with no more problems but today it was only when I got up about 120 ft that it started the above and did it a couple of times with the message form DJI saying high winds etc. Is this a problem also with the ribbon cable?I did get one with the second hand bundle so maybe the guy knew it needed changing, bought one but then decided to sell and get another drone
answers on a postcard lol

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I’ve had a similar experience (zero wind :man_shrugging:) a few months back, but it’s not happened since to be able to investigate further. Happened twice in two days - each time in the middle of taking a 360 panorama.
Taken 360s since without a problem.

Mine had a recently installed new ribbon cable, so chances are that was’t the problem for me.

Problems with either the ribbon cable (or the video cable) tend to be rather permanent until replaced, not intermittent.

Yeh kind of what I was thinking what are DJI like at getting back to you if I asked them or you not had any experience of them ?

Well. No. Personally I’d not bother with DJI.

Chances are they won’t know what is wrong without you having to send it to them (in Netherlands) for assessment.

This is where personal experience wasn’t good … for me.

I’d had the MP from new, it had most definitely never crashed and it was only sent it back because there was a gimbal issue when using filters.

After “assessing” the problem(!), their response was that it had been crashed (strange that they couldn’t provide me with a date/time/location of this crash from the logs!), and quoted a massive amount to replace motors and arms, etc … that had absolutely nothing to do with fault I was experiencing and the reason it had been sent back to them.

When this fact was pointed out to them they just said they wouldn’t assess the gimbal issue until the other repairs had been done.

This I knew to be bullshit … since I already knew they don’t carry out any repairs in Europe. They replace with a refurbished item and send the original back to China for recycling to become a refurbished unit.

(Two years later there’s still nothing wrong with the arms/motors!)

I’d see if the problem persists before making a decision as to what to do with it.
For me, there’s been no repeat of the issue (as yet), and if it only happens very infrequently I’ll probably not bother.

chears for that and as mine is also only when wind is high I wont bother either. What is considered too high wind too fly or does that vary between the drones in size and weight

I think that’s something you’ll gain from experience, I tend to trust my gut with the Mavic as to whether it’s too windy for it or not.

Yes, very much so, an Inspire will stay nailed to the sky in twice the wind level that rocks the Mavic.

The Mavic Minis, when launched, will no doubt suffer many a flyaway due to weighing only 250g :blush:


I’ve not had wind related gimbal issues.

As for what’s considered too windy … that will be a little less than the maximum speed that the drone can fly - but probably limited by what you’re comfortable flying in, which will probably be quite a bit less.

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