Mavic Pro II or Phantom 5?

Thought this may be of interest to those who are thinking of buying a new drone.

I really don’t get the Mavic Air, I had no interest in it when I knew the Mavic 2 would be released soon after. I am hoping for the Phantom 5 release in the summer and I will hold off a purchase until I see if it’s worth updating from the MP. DJI are taking the Apple business model route and I’m not sure I’m willing to fall for the half updates of Mavic Air / IPhone S eco system

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“Mavic Pro II, could be equipped with a 24mm lens, same as Phantom 4 Pro.”

“Mavic Pro II is a bigger Mavic with Phantom 4 Pro inside, or another saying, a Mavic shaped, foldable Phantom 4 Pro. So it will be more expensive. Unfortunately, it also means Phantom 5 will be more expensive too, could be over 1999USD, even more.”

This guy makes some interesting arguments regarding why DJI could be announcing a Mavic Pro 2 next month. I don’t normally buy into speculation but with so much competition coming it’s way post-CES I can see why DJI might be compelled to get their ‘retaliation’ in first. Remember, this is still all speculation.

“Top speed of Mavic Pro II is 72km/h in sport mode, just like Phantom 4 Pro/Adv.” … the rumours are suggesting.
Yes please!

Not sure what you don’t get with the Air Steven but unless you’ve had one, it’s difficult to appreciate how good it is and how much smaller than the Pro it is in terms of being able to take out it with you when you’d think twice about taking the Pro plus it produces better video than the Pro too. If you didn’t have an MP and you trialled them both, I’m almost certain most people would choose the Air.

The MP2 will most likely to be larger than the MP so imo the Air fits nicely in the line up if you want more than one drone. I also think that the MP2 will be significantly more expensive than the Air and MP, possibly as much as £1,500 - £1,600 for a FM combo which further separates it from the Air too.

While DJI may be keeping an eye on the Evo release, I don’t see them changing their plans because of it, unless they can make it fit their plan. I do think they released the Pro early to kill the Karma hence the enormous waiting time a lot of people suffered because production wasn’t in full swing. The Air’s release was different, no competition and no real supply issues.

Autel have been so rubbish at communicating about what appears to be a very interesting drone. No conspiracy theory here but it does make you wonder why they haven’t been keeping everybody better informed about release dates, full specs, etc. Perhaps they’re shit scared of DJI (and why wouldn’t they be)…

So my bet is that the MP2 will be released soon but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not for a few months yet, even OsitaLV back tracked and changed the March release to between March and June. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth …

This guy, OsitaLV, has been on the money with inside info in the past.

WTF is a ‘MasterWheels’?!

NOT that makes me much wiser … LOL

Nope, me either!

Where’s the RTH button?!

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This helps. Kind of what I imagined, but good to see evidence.

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Ahhhhh, it’s a huge remote control for an even huger camera :+1:

Wonder if @SharkBait is planning on mounting one on his Inspire 2 :thinking:

Apparently it works with the Inspire (or certain configs). I guess in 2 operator mode … one flying and one operating the gimbal/camera.

I guess it creates really smooooooooooooooth pan/tilt.

This is full on movie making equipment though isn’t it?

I mean, it’s not your average hobbiest purchase surely?!

Oh, for sure … but then full on documentary/TV progs, and movies, used to use Hekicams … and drones can do the job far cheaper … especially in remote areas.
Tho - I don’t think I’d want to carry that too far.

Now the Inspire can have gimbals that support their cameras with interchangeable lenses, I’m sure their 4k ability is movie compatible, too.

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