Mavic Pro Lightroom Stills

Here is a general workflow I use in Lightroom when editing stills from the Mavic.

Always shoot in RAW to get the most detail retained from the sensor


Picture Style: D-Log or D-Cinelike (for some reason, it changes the exposure slightly in the Mavic RAW DNGs)


Amazing tutorial mate, really interesting.

I had no idea any of this was possible. I’m still using “JASC Paint Shop Pro” which I think I’ve been transferring from PC to PC for the last fifteen or more years… Adobe products always seem too professional for me.

But since the purchase of my Mavic, I’m really starting to get in to this kinda thing now.

Thanks again, bookmarked, I shall come back to this again for sure :+1:

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Thanks for the comments.

May need to edit the video slightly.

Apparently, None of the settings (D-Log, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation) that I highlight in the video are required when shooting stills in RAW

Going to do some tests on that to be sure though first. The actual tutorial and steps I nLightroom are fine though.

OK, I did a few tests.

For RAW DNG stills, Sharpness, Contrast and Saturation do nothing.

For video, it is a different story, and is best to set +1 for sharpness to stop the Mavic doing funky things with it’s Noise Reduction in camera.

The Picture Style setting is also supposed to do nothing to RAW DNG stills, however, the Mavic does drop the exposure slightly if using D-Log in RAW DNGs

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Excellent video. Really shows off the potential of drone photography.

Is Lightroom a good investment? I’ve be using Photoshop Elements on my PC for years, plus I have the Adobe PS apps on my iPad.

And I have a question about RAW.

Today I changed the settings of my Mavic to: JPEG+RAW

Does this mean it’ll save two files for every pic I take? One traditional JPG and one RAW file? Or have I misunderstood this setting?

Also, any recommendations on EV or Shutter settings?

Last but not least, I can’t find the Sharpness setting you mentioned @RaRaRasputin, any ideas where it’s hiding??


Lightroom for me is pretty quick for doing mass changes or rather big changes to the whole photo

Although it has a brush tool, I find Photoshop better at doing small local adjustments, etc

I believe Adobe do a Photoshop + Lightroom package

I use the complete suite for work though.

I’m sure you could pick up Lightroom CS5 from ebay or similar quite cheaply as a standalone program too

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JPEG & RAW will give you both files, yes

If shooting JPEG, then Setting the Sharpness to +1 is a must. Contrast and Saturation is up to you (trial and error really)

For EV, I tend to always shoot a little under (half-stop to a full stop under) Easier to bring it back in Lightroom from darker than it is from Blown out highlights.

Shutter speed doesn’t really matter for stills unless you want creamy smooth water/waves, then you want a minimum of 2 seconds (most definitely bang a filter on the lens to get the exposure down for that length of time)

Here’s how to get to the sharpness settings

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Great tutorial, I have used LR for a number of years I come from a photography background and it’s the go to app. Worth the investment if you want to get the best from your stills

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Although, with Camera RAW, you can get close to what Lightroom offers too.

Not sure if you get access to Camera RAW with Photoshop Elements though. It does come with the full Photoshop version though.

Lightroom is awesome for cataloging your photos and videos for that matter.

There seem to be some very good deals on eBay for Lightroom standalone. You think they are all kosher?

I’ve never actually used LR to edit photos, I’ve always just relied on the photo apps on my mobile… videos however I’ve always used prem pro cs6

Cool thread :+1:

I’ve got an old version of lightroom (5.6 I think) on my mac. Had a little play today with a JPG file and I was able to almost do away with the water paint effect on green trees. Not taken any RAW photos yet so will play around some more soon.

I changed the sharpness to +1 today, in advance of some weekend flights (weather permitting!), will let you know how I get on :+1:

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Took some JPG+RAW photos today.

Bloody hell, the file size :open_mouth:

Each JPG is around 3.8MB and each accompanying DNG file is 18.9MB lol :smiley:

Will have a play around with them in Light Room during the week and post some comparisons and results :+1:

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