Mavic Pro Platinum is Here

The Mavic Pro Platinum is here!

Not too many differences to the current Mavic Pro

The Main Differences

  • Its colour: Platinum
  • Flight Time increased to 30 minutes
  • New Propellors
  • Noise Level a lot less than current Mavic Pro


That’s All Folks!

Bet they put the price up

Currently £1199 on the DJI Site

To be honest. I’m not kicking myself over it.

I may get the new propellors though when they are available as they will cut down on the noise

Wow! I didn’t see that coming… I’ve only just bought my ‘regular’ Mavic a couple of months ago. Typical…

So there are seemingly only two real / important differences, the flight time is up to 30mins and its quieter.

My longest single flight was 24mins and I landed with about 5% left, I won’t be doing that again in a hurry :smiley: Not sure if I’d have gained or done more with another seven minutes available to me. Maybe I would, but with 3x batteries, flight time isn’t too much of an issue for me as an amateur. Plus, that 30mins they quote will be in laboratory conditions, right?

As for the noise level, well after I’ve taken off and started flying I can’t really hear it anyway. Plus, it’s not exactly deafening anyway is it?

I’m trying to console and convince myself that this new bird is not an issue for me :smiley:

If they’d had changed the camera or gimbal I might have been pissed off, but for the ‘improvements’ the Platinum offers, I’m not sure I’m pro-enough to need or notice the benefits.

Now DJI need to stop poncing about refreshing existing models and get the new CrystalSky out!

Oh, and I see from their site it’s not even available to buy yet!

Might be another six months before we see one in the wild :roll_eyes:

Yah, 30 mins in a windless environment and probably at a moderate speed.

We can use the new propellors when they are available to quieten our mavics also

People were wandering when Mavic 2 was coming, well if this is anything to go by, then it wont be out until next spring/summer

I’d say this is the Mavic 2, I can’t see them making a third model?

So I’ve misunderstood the noise reduction part of this…

I thought the noise reduction and longer flight time was due to them simply using new motors. But you’re saying the noise reduction is down to the props?

If so, we can all upgrade to half-a-platinum for just the price of a set of blades?

Cool thread, thanks for the heads up on this one :+1:

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Apparently, the props will reduce the noise somewhat. They will also help with flight time apparently, probably due to requiring less force to lift due to their design.

Maybe not as much as the Platinum as it has new motors too, but will definitely be an improvement for £20 for 2 sets of props.

When I saw this I felt sick having only taken delivery of my mavic less than a month ago.

However looking at the ‘improvements’ my thoughts…meh!

Once it’s in the sky I’m not bothered about the noise, I can’t hear it!

3 more minutes flight time…so what…I’ve got 3 batteries, so I’d get another 9 minutes in near perfect conditions, so more like 5 in real life.

DJI need to give their heads a wobble if they believe this is an upgrade.

Colour looks good though.

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Yes, I have the same sense of relief as a new Mavic owner. If they’d upgraded the camera, added rear avoidance sensors and a few othe things I might be crying into my beer right now but cosmetic updates I can take or leave. Like others said noise and flight time are not major concerns for me and if the new props will fit the current model, well that’s cool and doable.

I’m not sure this is the much rumoured Mavic 2, more like a Mavic Pro 1.5. The 2 might still arrive but not for some time yet. I see the MP Platinum as more of a placeholder against future releases.

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Here’s some details on the new props, for the ‘old’ (?!) Mavic Pro:

The 8331 propellers have a brand new aerodynamic design giving the Mavic Pro series an impressive noise control performance. When used with the Mavic Pro Platinum, up to 4dB (60%) of aircraft noise is lowered during takeoff and landing, and flight time is extended to 30 minutes. Noise reduction and flight time are also enhanced when used with the Mavic Pro, but not as much.

I think it’s probably worth a £20 punt as a potentially useful upgrade :+1:

No idea when they’ll be released though :roll_eyes:

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With my hearing I estimate my Mavic is around 70% quieter anyway.

I’ll get the new props just because they have funky curved bits at the end, of course the question is will the Mavic still fit in the teeny bag with them fitted?

I’d have thought they would have given it a new lens or something…

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Than what? You’ve lost me :blush:

Hmmm, why wouldn’t they? Are these new props longer or something?

For the extra £100 it’s best to buy a new battery and blades for my existing kit. That way, rather than 3 extra minutes flight, I get 27 minutes of quiet flight.


I think the consensus of current mavic owners is that they will not bother with the upgrade, other than maybe grabbing a couple sets of those new propellors when they become available.

I guess DJI have released this as just having something new on the market that should be available around Christmas time.

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I’m interested to see if the props will fit our current Mavic’s too. I haven’t heard of the motors or fitment being different yet… so my blades are crossed!

DJI have confirmed that the props will fit.

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