Mavic Pro vs. Mavic Air, can you tell which is which?

So a lesson learned like keep the same frame rate if you’re mixing video from two sources. The MP footage was filmed at 30fps and the Air at 50fps which meant some stuttering. The clips are from both types of Mavic, I’m just editing that one to show which is which, I’ll upload that tomorrow evening… :slight_smile:

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I’m no cinematographer (I can barely even spell the word) but yes, that’d make sense in order to prevent a lot of post work I guess.

Some flare from the sun reflecting in the water as the camera panned towards the right, I’m guessing that was the MP with no filters?

@StevenPSCC, you do a lot of mixed-camera footage (GoPro, Mavic, etc) - do you stick with the same framerates or always shoot at the highest on each device and edit in post?

Fascinating to watch the building progress @Peter, please keep us updated :+1:

I capture everything I want at normal speed 24fps with each device DSLR, Drone & GoPro , if I’m doing slow mo then I use the highest frame rate available.

I tend to use NTSC multiples … 30/60/120 everywhere.

(Edit: The reason for this is, multiples of 24fps are often not available as a recording rate on devices, and whilst multiples of the PAL 25fps can be … sometimes they are not. Never seen a device that can’t do NTS multiples if it can do faster than the basic 30fps.)

I’ve always filmed at 30fps NTSC also in the belief that the quicker frame rate will lead to smoother pans but I think that shutter speed also contributes to that.

I’ve had a few flights with the Air now and I firmly believe that it films and photographs better than the Pro, the bitrate is one factor but there’s a whole lot more to it, newer tech, have a look at this: Image Quality Deep Dive - Mavic Pro vs Air - Part 1 - YouTube

I did the FCC Go4 mod last week and I know this is no real test but at 3,800ft out, there was no sign of any signal or video loss, she was rock solid. This video won’t win any prizes, it’s just to try to show the quality, as I say on there, any mush you see is there courtesy of Youtube, the original is clean as a whistle.:

So my Pro is now (very sadly) up for sale…