Mavic replacement camera

I’ve mentioned before about the softness I get in images on my Mavic.

It’s only in one corner and a well known fault.

The mavic performs brilliantly. Not one other issue so was reluctant to send in to DJI.

Spotted replacement cameras on eBay for just over a tenner. They look the exact same so ordered for the hell of it.

Arrived today from China and had a good look at it. I honestly believe these are original camera modules but either seconds or at least came out same factory as OEM.

I’ll fit during week and hopefully works as intended.

Fingers crossed

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I can understand your reluctance to send it back as it does seem to be a lottery as to what you get it return.

Good luck with swapping out the camera. Can you document it for the rest of us?

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I certainly will.

As far as I can see it’s only 2 screws and a ribbon connector to deal with.

Hardest part will prob be prising it out.

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They could have be removed from units sent in for Refresh?

Looking forward to pics, looks a delicate job :thinking: