Mavic series?

I was browsing the DJI shop recently and noticed they now have the Mavic and Spark sections listed under the generic headings of ‘Mavic Series’ and ‘Spark Series’, hinting, I presume, at future iterations of both drones. Hadn’t seen this before.

Interesting… we have two Mavics on the market already, I guess two can make a ‘series’?

Wonder if there is a new Spark coming? :open_mouth:

Or a new Mavic Pro - or two. Having got to know my Spark a big better over the last few days I realise how many of the features we’re used to in the Mavic have been dropped from the settings menus. The camera settings, for example, have been paired right back. With the Spark designed as an entry-level offering to DJI’s whole family of drones, I would argue that there’s also room for an entry-level Mavic. This would keep some of the features that have made the Mavic Pro/Platinum so popular but bring it in at a cheaper price.

Likewise, above the current Mavics there could be a place for a ‘super Mavic’, or Mavic Premium that could offer even more features for a higher price.

Just those versions alone would create a Mavic series which could be developed further as time goes on.

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Interesting to hear from an owner of both, especially as I pre-ordered a Spark then backed out and bought a Mavic.

How does the Spark handle in the wind compared to the Mavic? Is it more stable?

I’ll let you know when I get a chance to fly it in a decent wind. From videos I’ve seen it looks to be remarkably stable. For such a small drone it is surprisingly heavy which probably helps it keep position.

Pleased to report the Spark handles very well in the wind. Flew it in a light wind today and while it moves around more than the Mavic (it only weighs 300g after all) it holds its position rock solid. :+1:

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