Mavic storage, what do you use?

this is where mine lives

Is that hard case big enough to use as a launch pad, Jon?

oonly just. the pro will just about sit on top . dont think it would be any good for precision landing

could allways open the box underneath and use that nice pattern for the bottom sensors to use, and have fun drinking the contents. lmao

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Well, after having out grown my GPC backpack (above) I thought I’d get a big hard case which could hold everything. My thoughts being I can just chuck the hard case in the van or offload just the bits I need into the backpack if going somewhere on foot.

Here’s what ‘everything’ looks like. I still don’t know how it all fitted inside the backpack!

It was a tight squeeze, with stuff looking a bit squashed really. Too bloody heavy to lug around on your back too.

After the big pick and pluck debate, I settled on an unbranded Tom Case / Max Case from Amazon.

Size-wise, the footprint is just a bit bigger than that of the Mavic Air:

One wet and rainy bank holiday Monday later and over and hour spent picking and plucking, it’s all in there :+1:

Well, with the exception of the landing pad. Not sure where / how to deal with that one yet :thinking:


Nice one, makes life easier.
Here is mine, I’ve had to use ribbon as you can see to enable extraction especially the head band it’s quite tight.

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You just had to put the Titan logo on the front of the Mavic didn’t you :sunglasses:

Looks tidy :+1:t3:

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@pingspjke. Where did you get your hard case from?

Porn in a box!

@pilningpilot I spent bloody hours on Amazon trying to work out the INSIDE dimensions I needed (see the pic in the pick & pluck thread for how I worked it out in the end)

I drooled over some seriously nice Peli cases but shit me, they were +£200 quid :open_mouth:

Opt’d for this unbranded Tom/MAX case:

While I’d taken great care on the inside dimensions, I wasn’t really ready for the size of the outside, it’s bloody huge :rofl:

Not only can I take off from it, I could probably land on it too if I tried :smiley:

Yes. Yes I did. :grimacing:


I just ordered the next size down for my Mavic Air

Just over £47 :+1:

I will let you know how I got on :grin:

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Nice one Kevin!

It’s a solid case for sure.

Just plan the layout before you start picking and plucking, theres no second chances :slight_smile:

I have this

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Hi Peter!

Is that the Smatree D500? I use to have that exact same case…

Cost me £50 bloody quid though so you got a bargain there :+1:

The tag says faith pro.

Looks like the exact same case. Just different name. The inside does smell a little. Got a hoover air freshener inside.

Mine smelt a bit ‘chemically’ at first, I think it hadn’t long left the production line.

Great case though, did me proud for ages!

My ones very similar except 2 battery slots and the charger slot which I opened up to hold 2 cases of Polar pros. Fits nicely in bottom of backpack.


How did you get on @Herefordbull?