Pick and pluck case foam?

I appear to have outgrown my backpack and I’m now debating a hard case to keep everything in.

I’ve been looking at these ‘pick and pluck’ foam inserts, has anyone used one?

I get the concept of pulling out the shapes you need, but I don’t understand the depth process. How does it work?!

Some items I have will only need a shallow cutout, others will require a much deeper cutout.

How do you control the depth on pick and pluck?!

Also, is it ever called by any other name? Should I be searching Amazon / eBay for something else??

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I have used it and the foam is kinda cubed, so you pluck out the needed depth as well as sideways dimensions, you can also step it downwards so as to support items of varying odd dimensions. It’s pretty decent stuff, I have always known it as pluck foam. I have my SeaDoo Seascooters in the big wheeled pelican cases with the stuff and they have been ok for over 10 years now.

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Now I get it!

Thanks Andy :smiley: :+1:

Right, I think that’s me sold on the idea then!

Now to find a hard case with the right dimensions :smiley:

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Ps. Wonder if pick & pluck would help all the currently-caseless Disco owners?

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I bought a small one to store my crystalsky with mount attached - they are ok, You might want to get a cheap hot glue gun as well so you can fix any errors!

How many storage solution are you up to now Spike :slight_smile:

Erm… this will be number four :blush:

The backpack weighs a bloody ton now.

I’m thinking of a hard case to store everything in, then use the GPC backpack for lightweight on-foot missions :+1:

Good tip re hot glue gun!

Any tips on precise depth removal? Long nose pliers? How do you prevent pulling out too many cubes depth-wise?

This is me trying to work out what size case I need. I thought I’d stand everything upright on the floor then measure the area?!

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That’s the way to do it!


Hard case arrived from Amazon today with two layers of pick and pluck, but it’s not cubed or diced each piece is 60mm deep, 2 1/4 inch.

Possibly not ideal…

Not sure I want to start pulling it apart yet, especially if there is a diced option out there.

Have I just bought a cheap one?!

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That’s the type I had with my helicopters.

I tried to take out complete sections and half with a bread knife but turned into a disaster.

What I did eventually do was pull out full depth sections and bought a foam yoga mat and cut that into layers for required depths. Turned out really well actually and you can choose colour but bit time consuming.


Ah, that’s a good idea!

I’ve been studying it a bit more too. The lid is quite spongy so what I might do with some shallow items is just pull out one layer deep, so they’re then sitting slightly proud, the foam in the lid should then hold them in place.

Oh, and anyone got any tips for marking ‘around’ stuff I want to cut out?

The Mavic Pro is a weird shape! Drew round it with a black marker but now can’t see my lines :blush:

Mark it out on cardboard first, cut then overlay onto the foam.

Genius! Thanks mate :+1:

Ps. I’ve got enough Amazon cardboard to last a lifetime :slight_smile:

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Sorted guys, thanks for the help :+1: