May Bank Holiday Weekend in Brixham/Torbay - Coastal Flying?

Hi Everyone.

I am down in Torbay this weekend, open offer to anyone who wants to use their drone to take some pics at sea/on the coast around here.

I have a 42’ Flybridge motor boat and happy to host one or more members for some unique flying opportunities near the coast (I dont have a drone myself, but just want reasons to take the boat out). Take some footage of my boat and I’m happy ! Plenty of 12v power on boat to recharge your batteries, no fees/ no contribution for diesel required. Open to ideas.


Is a dog allowed on board? I’m up for it :+1:

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Have sent you a private message. To others, yes well behaved dog is fine, but I’d like to meet you and the dog first… the cabin can be quite noisy when underway and some dogs don’t like the noisy…

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Hope that’s OK ? We have a dog also, and he likes being on the boat. When opening up a boat like this to people I don’t know, I’m sure you’d also want to be careful about having things scratched up or damaged… Not many replies from people down in South West on here… although the weather today is a bit miserable so probably not great for drone flying.

Double Ohhhh… … …,

thats what I thought !

That wolf :wolf: of yours is soft as a brush……as long as there is male dog to give her attention :see_no_evil: