Mayflower Park - Southampton

Is it possible to fly my DJI Mini 3 here?

I have seen conflicting information.
Below shows images from DJI app but the “Drone Assist” app says no?

Yes it’s in the Southampton CTR but DJI might tell you differently. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Thanks for reply, DJI app says I can fly but the Drone Assist application on iOS says No Fly

I fly in the same CTR albeit about 6 miles away that you want to fly in also.

Drone Assist will class it as a ’ High Risk ’ area but you can still fly.

Many Thanks for the info, my sons mad on CruiseShips and wants me to get some footage and photos on my DJI Mini 3

Just be careful as Southampton City Council do stipulate this :

Drones cannot take off or land on our parks and open spaces without permission from Southampton City Council. Permission will generally only be granted where usage of a drone aids survey work and/or to undertake a professional service such as at festivals and events or filming to promote Southampton’s open spaces.

oh so this means I’m unable to park up and take off then? sorry new to all this

I’m just pointing out SCCs stance on drone flying in their parks and open spaces they manage. It’s entirely your decision if you turn up and fly.

many thanks again, think i may just email SCC and see what they say

They are likely to say no, even if you can.

I and many others have flown from there.

You will see drones everytime a ship goes in or out it seems.

If the local authority had an issue, they would stop it.

I suspect they like the publicity.

I do all my capturing down at Calshot as they are coming out into into the Solent. Personally far better than flying at Mayflower and there’s no restrictions.

Here and other places I reach up through the sun roof and take off from the top of the car. Good precision landing experience to land it back there afterwards, watch your VLOS though.