Members help needed

Evening all, I have been asked to do a talk on Drone photography and video making, so I am wanting some external content to show the broad use of our drones, ie photos and short interesting videos, also I will be including safe flying, the current drone code etc…
Anything that gets included in the talk will be credited to the pilot.
I hope you guys can help me out wether it be a photo, short vid, and info you think should be included.
Many thanks
please send your content to
PS I think one item per member will be sensible so send me your best work.with your name
General info could be posted here and I can read through it.

Wotcha Andy,

Feel free to use anything I’ve ever posted here on GADC.

Some recent ones: Sunrise above the freezing fog

Some not-so-recent ones: Scotsmans Flash (Wigan)

Some unusual ones: Arson pics

Shout if you need any more info on them.

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When do you need it by? I’ve a short video from South Africa that includes giraffes from above. The National Parks are all no fly zones, but this was on a small private reserve. It’s not great (trying to find giraffes from up above is not easy) but I can knock it into s bit of shape.

Good morning the talk is programmed for the 1st week in March, if you could take some images from out of the footage that would be great…

Many thanks Mr Ping, if you could email the Sunrise images that would be mint… cheers appreciated

Hi Andy,

If you’re also looking for some ‘how not to use your drone’, here’s my personal favourite:

Good luck with your talk!


Ha ha that’s a cracker, some people are nuts :+1:

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Probably the best ever demonstration of the Mavic’s POI mode, tho, @ 12:22!!


Good luck with the talk Andy, don’t forget to mention the Grey Arrows :wink:

No nobody’s sent me any images or vids yet…

No need mate!

Just click any photo in the forum to enlarge it, then you’ll see a tiny blue ‘download’ link at the bottom of the photo. This will give you the hi-res version :+1:

Eg, it shows you the file size too, this example is 4.29MB:

okey dokey many thanks…

No nobody’s sent me any images or vids yet…

Hectic weekend, will sort by midweek…

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An image from todays mission at Dartford Crossing:


And also a link to a drone film I made:

All footage and stills flown within the drone code.


keep us updated on your talk :slight_smile: are you putting a slide show together?

your more than welcome to use my photographs that you commented on within the daily photo thread :slight_smile:

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Fook me, that gives me the heebee geebees just watching it… Climbing up the outside…;-((

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I have just done a panorama , as a test for work . They want 360 degree views of places around the UK for surveying purposes It taken with my P4pro

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