Mersey Gateway golden hour

Inspired by some fantastic photos from @Geoff.C, I popped down here last night.


Also was quite pleased with the tiny planets:

Tiny planets from Mersey Gateway

These are superb! Love the top one and number 5 :+1:t2:

Lucky to get such a good evening, aside from the vast quantities of insect-killer I had to spray on myself to keep the river-side bugs away!


Fantastic work as always mate. I was driving over the bridge a few evenings ago as the sun was going down and was thinking it would make a great drone shot I I could find a good location and looking at your images it certainly does.

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Amazing shots!!
I’ve been meaning to get a flight here as well.
Can you share your take off point with us please?; I’m not familiar with the area and can’t seem to find a good spot to lift off from.


Great shots - I like no. 5

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