Miami Beach

Some drone footage amongst my Miami Vlog in this video

Not easy to fly in Miami must of been a dozen airports and heliports in the area


Nice one @StevenPSCC

What was the average temperature like?

It’s a place I’d love to go, not sure I could hack the heat though!

Miami was in the low 90’s but had a nice breeze that made it bearable. The trip included Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico. Mexico was unbearable heat.
I can not recommend Miami enough I have spent most of my adult life with no desire to visit America and after visiting Miami I can’t wait to go back, already booked for California.

01:58, wow! :star_struck:

Great flying and editing.

Thanks, strange thing happened flying between those towers Flew through no problem but when I tried to return the drone just stopped before the towers and would only go up or away not back the same way ???

Were you flying forwards? Sounds like obstacle avoidance getting confused. Had similar last week with the sun. Turned it off now as would have been a major inconvenience if it was on RTH.

'mericans are pretty crazy, but even they couldn’t all drive backwards with that amount of skill! :wink:


I was trying to fly backwards so I don’t think it could of been the obstacle avoidance. It flew through forwards no problem.