Middle aged UAC flyer in Reading

Heyas all,

I’m Jay, a 40something drone flyer living in Reading, Berks.

I work in IT and have actually started getting my workplace to look at drones as a resource, which means I might get to combine my two favorite hobbies, coding and flying :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to the scene, I started early last year with a little £20 720p fpv drone (the Winglebot Wave Razor) and got so hooked I went ahead and got a Mavic Air 2, and haven’t looked back.

I just love the feel of flying the drones, am not overly interested in photography or video, though learning about both as time goes by, I just enjoy the experience of flying the drone and seeing what it can see, be it a lovely coastline or endless green fields.

I hope to learn more and plan on taking my A2 CofC at the end of this month.

I look forwards to getting to know other local and national UAC operators here as well as making use of the great resources available.

Best regards,

Jay aka KokoRyu


Hi @KokoRyu and welcome to GADC.

Check out and maybe add yourself to our members map in more normal times lots of members are always up for a meet, to fly and chat.

Also have a look at our very own DroneScene for all the tools you need to plan a flight as well as member added places to fly, feel free to add that you know of that are not on there

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Welcome Jay. I am sure you will not find a more friendly and knowledgeable community anywhere.

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Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I tried adding myself to the map via the location field in my profile, for some reason, no matter what I put in the box though, it doesn’t register, I tried, street address, postcode, nothing seems to “stick” when I hit save, it just goes back to a blank field :frowning:

Have a look at this, if you have any problems Iet me know and we can take a look see for you ;o)

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I tried adding myself under “Coley, Reading, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom” … same issue, it says saved when I hit the button, refresh and the box is blank.

There does seem to be a problem with the location entry on a profile.

We’ll get this looked into and get back to you.


Thanks. I have tested on Chrome, Edge and IE … same. It won’t offer any addresses and anything I add isn’t saved.


Go me, bug finder extraordinaire!

Actually, I work in web dev, so that is part of my job lols

@KokoRyu - welcome! Into coding and drones … and I thought it was just me :smile:

You may find this useful :+1:

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@clinkadink Thanks for the link, not saying I had it bookmarked, but I might have seen it before :wink:

Yup, full stack dev working in the Metocean field, and recently persuaded the powers that be that a LIDAR equipped drone might be an interesting approach to data collection :slight_smile:

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Either of you do any ruby on rails?

There’s a bug that needs fixing in the Discourse locations plugin :wink:

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@PingSpike Alas no, I’m C# .Net Core and Vue.js primarily. I do have colleagues that Ruby, I could ask if one of them has time to looksee for you.

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Thanks for the offer, I was only jesting mind :slight_smile:

Cool profile pic btw, welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:t2:

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Thanks! What can I say, one of the most amazing animals to walk this earth, I was lucky enough to work with them when I lived in the States.


Ha, nope sorry. I’m a dinosaur coder, Ruby is far too new for me :sweat_smile:

I’m more comfortable with JavaScript, C#, Python, PHP and Node.js :+1:

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