Midlands Land Opportunity


Hi. There may be a possibility that some land could become available in between Rugby and Coventry for us.
What I would like from anyone interested is what would you be willing to fork out of your pocket.
Like a day fee or an annual fee etc. The farmer is down to earth (so to speak), but obviously would like to trade. In return, a space free from dog walkers.
I say its only a possibility, but its nice to have some info to take to him.



Messaged you about this



I see what you did there :rofl:

What’s the score here then @notveryprettyboy - is the plan to swap a days unrestricted use of the field for a whip-round in beer money for the farmer?



If so, just wondering what kind of numbers you (or the farmer) had in mind, in terms of number of people at £x per head?



I can’t really say yet as I need to put it to him over a beer. He likes his beer. But knowing what people here would like would be a great help. If it doesn’t pull off, I know of another place that would just take cash. Not much, but it would be set days and times as it’s a rugby field and in use at times.

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The numbers would probably be dictated by the time we had and available fpv channels. @Wyntrblue knows more than me on that.



Fpv usually runs on race band which gives us 8 equally spaced channels. However when running 8 concurrently you can run into issues with imd which is a pain in the…

That being said the dji stuff is utterly uneffected by this as it works differently.

So for fpv you have a max of 8 powered vtx’s

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This is a great idea, myself and @Wyntrblue have worked with groups in the past that use a tag system I.E whoever has R8 is the only person allowed to fly on that channel at that time etc, the max is normally around 6ish before issues appear with either interference or spotters loosing track.
I would also recommend at places like these need a take off\landing\power up area away from the pilot more so with the none DJI chaps to minimise people shouting “Oh god I can see who powered up” situations



Reminds me of my RC glider days about 45 years ago, 16 analogue channels and 16 different coloured pennants flying on the antenna of the one on the frequency represented by the colour.

Oh - and welcome to GADC, David / @evilbobbins :+1:

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What’s a fair price you would all pay? A daily charge? Or annual sub?



Personally I’d never annual sub to something like this, UK weather and all that.

I’d probably pay £10 for a days use? :thinking:

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£10 for a day sounds reasonable for hassle free flying - depends a lot on the site itself



I think I will see the farmer 31st. Then we have a weekend p!ss up the following week.