Mini 2 / Air 2 lanyard recommendations

Does anybody use a lanyard for their Mini 2 / Air 2 controller? It’s a bit big to tuck in a pocket and I don’t want to put it down on the snow, so changing batteries is a bit of a juggle and a faff.

Ideally, looking for one that can stay attached all the time rather than one that has to be taken off to close the controller up.

Have found a few with a Google, but would be good to get a recommendation or two.

Ta :slight_smile:

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1st world problems eh Joe

I really didn’t like the Mini 2 Combo bag when I first got it, but now I use like a sling/bum bag

Bring in the M2 hand catch, pop it in the bag, or same with the controller and phone while I change battery, because it’s not snug its ideal for this.

Does not answer the question, but a workaround


I do the same as Chris, pop the controller on top of the bag while I change batteries :+1:t2:

I don’t use one, but something like this may be worth a punt:



Yeah, had been doing that but even then it was a faff trying to hold the controller and drone whilst opening the bag.

I treated myself to a new backpack in the sales with enough room for the Mini, the M2P and my DSLR. Managed to drop the Mini in the snow whilst trying to pop it back in this morning. Wasn’t best impressed with myself. :man_facepalming:

Had spotted a couple like that but I think those need to be taken out to get the controller folded up properly. Keeping them in reserve though; better than dropping the drone again :wink:

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I have been leaving the bag open, wearing the logo side towards me.

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Well, that’s just… sensible. :wink:

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Many years stood beside football grounds trying to change 35mm film ;o)

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You’ve absolutely got to get the first one that @PingSpike shared, it does absolutely everything!

Don’t get the one that doesn’t organise your drain rack, it sounds really limited.


WTF :rofl:

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Same problem. The ones you posted look awkward with needing to be put on each time but I think I’ll print one out and try it to help stop the fumbling around.


Ended up going for one similar to the first design. It can’t do anything about food waste, but it does the job I need it to do.

As expected, can’t close the holder/antenna with it fitted, but it’s somehow both a solid fit and fairly easy to put on and take off.

It’s really only the friction of the tight fit that’s holding it in place so time will tell if flexing it to fit it on will lessen that. I mean, of course it will… but how quickly will be the thing.

Realistically, clipping this on will be a fraction of the time it takes during setup to get the phone positioned in this controller such that the phone’s lock and volume buttons aren’t being constantly pushed in.

To be honest, I’ve been spoiled by the no-faff Smart Controller. Oh, how I wish they’d hurry up and make the Mini 2 work with it.


If only they would, the smart controller is excellent imo. But not sure they bring it to the mini, I guess time will tell though.

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Nice, thanks for sharing some pics!


I had a lanyard sitting around doing nothing so knocked up a mounting lug for my controller. It’s recessed inside so you can still just about get the cable back in there to close the top down onto it.

It’d look better in black but I only had white filament left. :see_no_evil:

Uploaded it to Thingiverse if you want to print one yourself.

Mods: I posted this as a separate topic as it’s not a purchasable item, but feel free to move it to the accessories thread if you see fit.


Could we move it here instead?

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@PingSpike Wherever you like, just didn’t want folk to think I was making them available for sale like the ones on eBay or Amazon.

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I’ve just added it to my print que.
I’m in the process of making a dummy battery that is also prop holder for the MA2.
I have also just created a one piece extension for the Air 2/Mini 2 controller for the iPad 11” pro. It can be made smaller/larger for any other tablet. (Just need dimensions of the tablet)
I noticed something like it for sale on eBay but there are no .stl files available anywhere.
When I have finished them I will post them on here.
Due to current covid situation I am in complete lockdown (again :mask:) so if anyone wants one, I am more than happy to print them (passes the time away) all you will have to do is cover postage and packaging.

Not to tread on any toes here, but if is ok I with you, I will offer to print the lanyard holder on the same postage terms.

Here are a few photos of the ipad extender

[image|281x500 (upload://wZslUu0JevPoXxmJQJ6IlWTBHXD.jpeg)

I also created a holder for the thumb sticks.
This is first generation and will be altered.